The Sixth Man – Episode 14

thAB5JVP51A New Name

Charles Peterson Arnold,” Mrs. Bradford said. “CPA. You owned a Chrysler dealerships in Columbus, Ohio, Louisville, Kentucky, and Atlanta, Georgia. We‘ll call you Charles from now on.”

I know cars,” Charles said. “What else do you know?”

You have a wife, son, and daughter.” Mrs. Bradford said.

That registers nothing with me,” Charles said. “Are you sure?”

Look in the picnic basket, Mr. Joseph,” Mrs. Bradford said. “There is a brochure published by your dealerships. On the next to the last page is your picture.”

Charles removed the glossy brochure from the basket and thumbed to the back. He stared at the picture. He studied it. “I look slick,” he said. “That’s me, but it really isn’t. I’m not that person.”

Looks like you’re probably better off than me,” Mrs. Bradford said.

I still haven’t a clue,” Charles said and joked, “but for some strange reason I think I can give you top dollar on your old used car as a trade-in on one of mine.”

I think you should take some time before you jump back into the auto business,” Mrs. Bradford chuckled. “Stay with me a little longer, but you should definitely go visit your family. I cant‘ find anyone else who will work as cheap as you.”

How long have I been gone from them?” Charles said.

Three years,” Mrs. Bradford said.

Three years,” Charles said. “I don’t remember a thing. Sometimes I think I remember something. It’s like when you expect company and hear car doors and no one is there.”

Let’s gather things and head back home,” Mrs. Bradford said.

On the walk back to the car Charles said, “Mrs. Bradford, give me a budget to work with and I’ll arrange to have this place fixed up and the boat restored. I think the idea ought to settle in on me for a while before I barge in on them.”

What ever it takes, Mr. Arnold,” Mrs. Bradford said.

I’ll stay until the task is complete,” he said. “I sort of like the name Charles Paterson Arnold, but I’m confused; what does this all have to do with Indianapolis?”

Perhaps you live here at one time,” Mrs. Bradford said.

Perhaps,” Charles said.



    • I know what you mean. It’s sometimes difficult to make every episode gripping and interesting, But it adds information and is giving a new direction in the story. The episodes are more like scenes in a movie.

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