To My Readers

Yesterday was the first day I hadn’t posted in nearly three years. I’m a little tired, sad, and overwhelmed.

The middle of July my 100 year old mother died. It was expected. She lived independently until about two months before her death. Her last two months she was unable to communicate the way she was accustomed. She was aware her end was near. She lived a grand life almost to the end. (If you wish to read about what I’ve written about her click onto “Mom” under Categories in the right sidebar.)

I had nearly two months worth of short stories and episodes ahead and able to rely on that reservoir of material.

I had committed to a work of fiction each day of 2014. I won’t be able to accomplish it.

The end of August we found out our 21 year old granddaughter has cancer. It hit my wife and I like a bolt of lightening. We still have not recovered from the shock. We not only carry the emotional burden for each other but that of our granddaughter and her mother, our daughter. There is something terrible about seeing your daughter suffer through this and not be able to help or make it go away. I recall being the master of rubbing a booboo and wiping away a tear to make it all go away. Now my wife and I feel helpless, but know that just being near is what is needed.

The end of September she had most of the tumor removed. Part of the tumor remains in her skull and will be removed during another surgery in several weeks. Beyond the surgery will be chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

It seems like this has affected my ability to concentrate for any period of time on creative endeavors. I started a couple of short stories. When writing fiction there is an emotional expenditure; I have the thoughts, the plot, the characters, the story, and so on, but little will to do what it takes to assemble it.

I just have to take a little more time before writing again. This site has a couple hundred short stories. Click “Short Stories” in the category section of the right sidebar and that will give you access to them.



  1. I cant imagine the pain she’s going through,with all her life ahead of her.if you dont mind,plz tell her to check out talia joy’s videos on youtube.she was 13 and had 2 types of cancer,but through her videos she truly inspired many people to be strong and happy in their battle against cancer.god bless u n your family.

  2. Please accept my deepest, heartfelt sympathy for you and your family. My wife, daughter and I continue to pray in behalf of your granddaughter, daughter and you and your wife. It is completely understandable that you need a break from your regular storywriting routine. We need the Kingdom. We need the Paradise it will bring.

  3. So sorry to hear of your struggles. I also have aging parents and children in early adulthood. I can’t imagine what it will be like to lose either one of my parents–even if they do live to be 100. And to helplessly watch one of my children (or grandchildren) suffer? I’d be taking a well-needed, and deserved, break if I were in your shoes. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Thanks for your expressions.
      In reality the best thing to do to counteract the struggles and problems faced by whatever life challenges we face is to busy ourselves helping others. I still do worthwhile work and keep myself busy with endeavors that help others and thus give peace and not allow me to sink into self-pity.

  4. I’m sorry to hear about all this and the difficult time that you are going through at present, Kenton. I will keep you and your loved ones in my prayers.

    • So many have expressed themselves so richly and I appreciate it so much.
      We all face similar and sometimes worse circumstances in life. I don’t want mine to appear as if mine are somehow worse than others. I’m just giving a reason for and interruption in my writing.
      Nevertheless expressions such as yours are greatly appreciated. It emphasises how compassionate people can be during difficult times. It also helps me to recognize I too should feel compassion for others.

  5. I will be holding you and your family in my heart as you deal with this. I so understand the inability to concentrate during these times.

    Just take care of your loved ones AND YOURSELF and let us know from time to time how things are going!

    Sent from Windows Mail

  6. I’m sorry I didn read this post untill today. From now count on my prayers for you and your family especially your granddaughter and your daughter.

  7. I did not read this post until today since I have been changing my blog and had a few hickups. I sorry to hear about all of this. I am so glad you mother was able to live such a rich life and pray for your daughter and family during this difficult time. Please, take the time to grieve. Writing as you did each day is quite a challange that most are not able to keep up with. Life happens and sometimes we need to change our focus for a while. Thank you for all of the wonderful writing you have done.

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