Old Black Maggie – Episode 38 

th3L1W493EThe Real Beez

“Someplace,” Beez smiled.

“I thought there were no secrets,” Gary said.

“You are clever,” Beez said. “It is an island called Utila. It’ is in the Caribbean just off the coast of Honduras. It‘s a place where people ask no questions.”

“Perfect,” Gary said.

“I know the authorities,” Beez said. “There will be no need for a passport.”

“You think of everything,” Gary said.

Beez held out the clothing draped over his arm. “These are yours. I want you to change.”

Gary slid the cloths from Beez’s arm and started to walk toward the bathroom.

“Change them here,” Beez said.

“I don’t like to undress in front of people,” Gary said.

“Remember,” Beez said and lifted his hand to Gary’s cheek and stroked it with the back of his hand, “We have no secrets.”

Gary swallowed hard. His brain cried out. He was in an inescapable position. At that moment he was more frightened than he ever felt with The Gravediggers or Old Black Maggie. The real fear all along should have been Beez.

“I don’t understand,” Gary said.

“You said there was no way to repay me,” Beez said. “There is a way. You will have a good place to stay. You will have all you want. You can swim every day in warm waters.

You will not have to work. You will have a life of tropical luxury. It is all yours and I ask so little in return.”

“Are you a…”

Beez interrupted. “I am your friend and let’s not be so closed minded. You were meant to be free and I’m helping you.”

Gary reached up and unbuttoned his top shirt button. Beez smiled. It was a lustful sick smile. Gary suddenly shoved Beez and ran for the door. He opened it and ran down the hallway. He hurried down the steps and near the bottom stumbled. He grimaced with pain and was slow to get up. He grabbed the doorknob. He turned the knob. The door opened; freedom! An arm reached around his waist and pulled hard. It was Beez. He was strong. He tugged at Gary, pulling him up two steps. Gary fought as if drowning.

Beez laughed. “You will not make it to Utila. You are not who I thought you were. You deceived me. No one deceives me and lives.”

Gary let out a cry from deep in his throat and broke free. He got past the door. Beez’s hand gripped his arm tight like the talons of an eagle. It was grip he knew he could not break.

Unexpectedly the grip tightened. Beez cried out, “Ahhhhh!!!” It echoed through the streets like a demonic cry.



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