Old Black Maggie – Episode 36

thKTGQBEDFA Far Away Place

Gary rode his bike to the drugstore. He parked the bike in the rear and walked around to the front door. He constantly looked around. He looked for anyone who might be a Gravedigger or Old Black Maggie. “This is no way to live,” he thought. Fear pumped through his body with each corpuscle of blood. He slid inside the drugstore like a hunted criminal. He ordered a Coke and waited for Beez; it was near time for him to show up.

In five minutes Beez strolled in. One look at Gary and he knew something was wrong. Gary appeared tense and distracted by every movement beyond the walls of the drugstore.

“What’s wrong?” Beez said.

“I’ll tell you after you order,” Gary said so the girl behind the counter would not interrupt or overhear.

After Beez got his coke Gary said, “Let’s move to a booth.”

In the booth, Gary told Beez about the encounter with The Gravediggers, the problems with his parents, and reviewed all the circumstances surrounding Old Black Maggie.

Beez listened with great interest. At times he appeared in distress and full of empathy for Gary’s predicament.

“What do I do, Beez?” Gary said with glassy eyes. “You’re the only one I can talk to, you’ve been my only friend through this whole thing.”

“I don’t know off hand what I can do,” Beez said. “You may be in the best position to answer that. How far are you willing to go? What are you willing to do?”

“Beez,” Gary said. “Take me someplace away from here, anyplace. You know places all over the world. Just someplace I can go until this all goes away. No one has to know.

I just disappear. My parents will be okay. They don’t have to know. In fact, it is best that way.”

“I don’t know if I can do that,” Beez said. “You don’t have a passport, you are a minor, and…” Beez stroked his chin. “I suppose something could be arranged, but this is risky business. I could get in a lot of trouble.”

“Please, Beez,” Gary said. He reached across the table and laid his hand on top of Beez’s hand.

Beez placed his other hand on top of Gary’s. “You know I love you and you love me. We can do this.”

“Can you be at my place at one in the morning?” Beez said. “Bring nothing; not even your bike, walk.”

“Do you have something in mind?” Gary said.

“Yes,” Beez said.

“Can you tell me anything about it?” Gary said.

Beez smiled. “Yes, it will be warm and far from here. You will like everything about it. You’re not afraid of flying are you?”

“I’ve never flown,” Gary said.

“It’s safer than walking through the park,” Beez said. “Your worries are over, right now. Just don’t worry anymore. You will never have to worry ever again.”

“Thank you, Beez,” Gary said. “I will do whatever you ask of me to repay you.”

Beez smiled and patted Gary’s hand. “Now let’s part and we’ll meet at my place at one.”


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