Old Black Maggie – Episode 23

thIDATC7KRWitchcraft 101

It was noon and nobody was at home except for Gary. The phone rang.

Gary picked up the phone. “Hello.”

“Is this Gary?”

“Yes it is,” Gary said.

“This is Beez, how are you doing?” Beez said.

“I’m fine,” Gary said.

“Are you doing anything right now?” Beez said.

“No,” Gary said. “I was just about ready to fix a sandwich,” Gary said.

“Well, don’t, Gary said. “Meet me in a half hour at the root beer stand on your end of town. Can you do that?”

“Sure,” Gary said.

“I got something for you,” Beez said. “It’s something I want you to have.”

“What is it?” Gary said.

“You’ll see when you get there,” Beez said.

Gary pulled his bike from the garage and peddled to the root beer stand. Beez was already there sitting in his car with the top down.

“Hop in!” Beez said.

Gary sat in the passenger’s seat and pretty carhop came to take their orders.

“Tell her what you’d like,” Beez said. “And don’t say, her.”

Gary smiled shyly. “Coney dog, fries, and root beer.”

“I’ll have the same,” Beez said.

The girl left and Gary watched her walk away.

“Cute,” Beez said.

“Yeah,” Gary said.

“If I could have your attention,” Beez said. “I brought you a gift.” Beez reached behind the passenger’s seat and handed Gary a book.

It was entitled All You Ever Wanted to Know About Witchcraft.

“I thought you didn’t believe in this stuff,” Gary said.

“I don’t believe in God,” Gary said. “That’s doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist. I think it’s important you are informed. I want you to be informed. I know you are troubled and I want to help.”

“Gee, Beez,” Gary said, “I don’t know what to say.”

Beez smiled.

“I guess I could say thanks,” Gary said.

“It’s not necessary,” Beez said. “We’re friends.”

Gary thumbed through the book with interest. The order was brought and he ate while reading from random passages. “Some of this is really spooky.”

“I thought you might find it interesting,” Beez said.

“Yeah it is,” Gary said. “I’m going to study this.”

“Look,” Beez said. “It might not be a good idea to let your parents see that. It may just make them curious. You said you don’t want them to get involved in this and if they knew you had this they would start to ask questions that might lead you to lie to them, so be cautious.”

“That’s good of you to think of them,” Gary said.

Gary left Beez and rode his bike home. He hid the book on a shelf in his closet behind his baseball gloves.




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