Old Black Maggie – Episode 12

th6MTB7J5AA Drive in the Park

They drove two miles west of town and turned down Raceway Rd.

“Do you know what’s on this road?” Beez said.

“Yeah,” Gary said, “ the motor speedway.”

“Have you ever driven a car before?” Beez said.

“I’ve steered mom and dad’s car,” Gary said. “That’s about it.”

Beez pulled into the driveway that led back to the raceway. He stopped beside the grandstands and got out. He unlocked the chain on the gate to the track, and opened it.

He got back in the car and drove in.

Beez got out of the car. “Get out and get in the driver’s seat.”

“You’re kidding me,” Gary said.

“I don’t kid about my Austin,” Beez said. “Let me show you how to drive it.”

Gary walked around to the driver’s side. “Won’t we get caught?”

“Notice,” Beez said. “I had the keys. I come out here every now and then and just drive around the track. It relieves tension.”

It took about ten minutes to circle the quater mile track with Beez in the passenger seat giving Gary instructions on how to operate the clutch, breaks, accelerator, and gear shift.

Beez got out.

“What are you doing?” Gary said.

“Take it around a few times without me,” Beez said. “I’ll be sitting in the pit.”

“Aren’t you afraid I’ll wreck it?” Gary said.

“That’s why I’m getting out,” Beez joked. “Now go have a good time.”

Gary had an exhilarating time. He went around the track at least a dozen times. Finally he brought the car to a rest in front of the pit.

Beez walked out to the car. “Are you sure you had enough?”

“Yeah,” Gary said. “I’ve got to get home, but this has been fun. Thank you, Beez, ya really now have to make a guy feel good. I don’t know how I could ever repay you.”

“Let me take you back to the neighborhood,” Beez said. “I’ll open the gate you drive it out and then I’d better drive.”

On the way back to town Beez said to Gary, “There is something you can do for me.”

“What’s that?” Gary said. “Don’t mention a word to anybody about today. Not even your parents. If this gets out I could get in big trouble letting you drive around the track.

I could be arrested, pay a large fine, and loose my license.”

“Don’t worry, Beez,” Gary said. “I had too much fun to spoil it.”

“We’ll do it again sometime,” Beez said, “but mums the word. In fact, I’ll drop you off a couple of blocks from your house.”

“Good idea,” Gary said. “One question could lead to another and I’d end up lying about things, then we’d really be in big trouble.”

“Yeah,” Beez smiled. “We might have to run a way to Tahiti to avoid prosecution.”

About three blocks from Gary’s house Beez let Gary out of the car.

“Thanks, Beez,” Gary said. “You’ve been a real friend.”

“Anytime,” Beez said. “And by the way. If you are ever downtown and Old Black Maggie starts to follow you, lose her and come to my place. There’s a side door to the Majestic Building, go inside, on the ledge above the door on the inside is a key, get it and go to the third floor. I’m the first door on the left. Just go in and make yourself at home. You can stay there until you feel it’s safe.”

“She’s really dangerous, isn’t she, Beez,” Gary said.

“Yes, Gary, she really is,” Beez said. “Take this serious and be safe.”

“Thanks, Beez,” Gary said, “for everything.”

Beez gave Gary an assured smile and dove away.




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