Old Black Maggie – Episode 3

The Murder of Crosely Twins

“The Crosley twins,” Russell said.

“The Crosley twins?” Gary said.

“Two beautiful little girls,” Russell said. “Gone, just like that, never seen again.”

“How did that happen?” Whipper said.

“The Croselys lived in a little house on East Elm about four blocks from here. It was a hot summer night. I remember it well. The fire department opened the fire hydrant on the corner just down the street so the kids could cool off. It was quite a time. The store ran out of ice and pop.”

“The Croselys put their girls to sleep for the night and opened the window from the north to catch the cool breeze off the river. The Croselys sat on the front porch sipping lemonade.”

“It was one of those nights that no one could sleep. You just knew something bad was going to happen. You knew that night somebody would fall asleep and never wake up.”

“Finally the Crosely’s get tired. They are the last ones to turn off their lights in the neighborhood. The next thing you hear is a scream like you will never ever hear except from a mother. I heard the scream all the way over here. I’ll never forget that night.”

“Mrs. Crosely checked on the twins just before she went to bed. They were both missing.”

“People said Old Black Maggie was seen walking down an alley that night with two suitcases. Lord only knows where those suitcases are now. If one was able to get into the basement of the Bickford Mansion it is likely they will find them there. And it would not surprise me if there delicate throats were sliced from ear to ear.”

“Was there any blood?” Whipper said.

“None was reported, but why else would a mother scream the way Mrs. Crosely did?”

Russell tossed back a swig of orange soda and wiped his mouth with the sleeve of his forearm. He looked at all the boys. They gazed upon Russell as though a sage and leader.

“The worst was the hoochie coochie girl from the San Jaun Strip Club. Now don’t tell your parents I was telling you about that place. You can get into big trouble talking to young boys about stuff like that. So you got to swear.”

Everybody agreed to keep it among themselves before Russell continued.



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