Shepherd’s Winter – Part 33


Daniel and his family were with Shepherd and Trap when Pal was buried.

At the grave Shepherd spoke. “It is a terrible thing to lose a friend. They take a part of you with them. There are things that only Pal and I know about each other that no one else will know. What a good memory. I will miss what could have been. I suppose most importantly to me there is a part of him still with me.”

“He was a good dog,” Daniel said passing by Shepherd and hugging him.

The rest of the family hugged Shepherd.

Nan wiped a tear from Shepherd’s cheek and kissed where the tear was.

Daniel and his family drove off and left Shepherd and Trap alone.

“It would have been a good spring,” Shepherd said to Trap as they watched the snow machines dip into the stream bed. “I was hoping to have it with Pal. You were a good friend to him also, Trap. He looked up to you.”

The snow of winter quickly gave way to rain and mud. And one day while Shepherd staked out a garden he looked up and saw Trap disappear over a small knoll in the meadow.

He was now gone. In Shepherd’s mind that was good. It was who Trap was. He smiled and said quietly, “Remember us well, ole friend and stay away from anything steel.”


Blather away, if you like.

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