Mom’s and Dad’s Favorite Song – A Love Song

Musical Marker

We all have songs that remind us of specific periods and events in our lives. Twenty years from now, which song will remind you of the summer of 2014?

(On July 15 of this year my mother’s funeral was held. She was 100 years old. This story was read at her funeral.)

When I hear Now Is the Hour I think of Mom, Dad, and ocean sunsets.
When I hear Now Is the Hour I think of Mom, Dad, and ocean sunsets.

Every now and then Mom and Dad broke into a song. It was always the same song. It probably reminded them of the time when Dad was not at home during the WW II. The song was Now Is the Hour.

Mom and Dad didn’t have good voices, but there was something about them singing it that comforted me. It was probably because it comforted them.

The song had been around for a couple of decades until recorded by Bing Crosby first in ‘47. Mom and Dad probably heard it at dances or on live radio. Mom said it was popular during the war. The song was a reminder of the uncertainty of war. It was a forlorn period when they were apart.

Although Mom’s and Dad’s marriage was stormy when they sung that song I knew they were thinking of each other.

One particular night I remember distinctly from the others. I was in the living room playing with some toys on the floor. The year was about 1953. Mom was in the kitchen preparing supper. The song came over the radio and Mom started singing. At that time in Mom’s life I think she was struggling with the reality of a bad marriage. The song took her away for a while.

A mother’s voice, no matter how off key or shrill, is the one that comforts you and lets you know all is well. I still hear it. There was a painful almost tearful cry in her voice when she sang it. When she sang it, and only her, it made me think of a thousand lonely sunsets. It will be with me until my last day.

Here is that song by Margaret Whiting;



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