Dad and The Pastor; Sin Against The Holy Ghost – Part 4

thRNBL194I(Continued from yesterday.)

“It’s the deflection from God,” Bowden said. “It’s an archery term that means to miss the mark.”

“So we have a mark, right?” Dad said.

“Yes,” Bowden said.

“Is it clearly defined?” Dad said.

“Well, yes,” Bowden said, “but there are degrees.”

“Some sins are worse than others?” Dad said.

“Yes,” Bowden said, “the sin against the holy ghost would be unforgivable.”

“What is that sin,” Dad said.

“There is no specific sin delineated,” Bowden said, “but it would seem like denying the holy ghost would be that sin.”

“What about murder?” Dad said. “Is that a sin?”

“Yes,” Bowden said.

“Lying, stealing, fornication, and so on, are they sins?” Dad said.

“Yes,” Bowden said.

“But not as serious, right?” Dad said.

“That’s right,” Bowden said. “They can be forgiven.”

“What does a person have to do the be forgiven?” Dad said.

“He must confess and repent,” Bowden said.

“If he sins again?” Dad said.

“He must confess and repent when he comes to his senses,” Bowden said.

“What if he doesn’t come to his senses?” Dad said.

Bowden thought.

“It happens, Bowden,” Dad said. “This is so important you must have a ready made answer for it.”

Bowden shifted in his chair and cleared his throat. “God’s mercy,” Bowden said arrogantly.

“A man is found guilty of 5 murders,” Dad said, “the judge sentences him to life, but lets him out after 5 years. Was that mercy?”

“Yes,” Bowden said. “If he was a model prisoner, repentance.”

“The first day out he kills another person,” Dad said. “he’s sent back to prison. The judge lets him out again. In fact this happens another five times. Is the judge merciful?”

“At that point he is a fool,” Bowden said.

“Than mercy is God’s foolishness?” Dad said.

“You ask improbable questions,” Bowden said.

“How many improbable questions did you ask while teaching theology?” Dad said.

“It was to encourage students to think creatively,” Bowden said.

“Exactly,” Dad said.

“What is your point?” Bowden said.

“You have been able to name sins: stealing, lying, murder, fornication,” Dad said. “We know what they are, right?”

“Yes,” Bowden said.

“Is mercy one of the attributes that belongs to the holy ghost?” Dad said.

“I suppose it is,” Bowden said and than said enthusiastically, “Yes, it is, it most definitely is.”

“But we can not pin point a specific infraction that would tell us what sin against the holy ghost is, right?” Dad said.

“What you are implying is fascinating,” Bowden said. “That is quite incredible.”

“Sin against the holy ghost is not one particular sin,” Dad said, “but a complete rejection of God, especially the quality of mercy.”

Bowden stood and shook Dad’s hand. “Will I see you in church Sunday?” he said cheerfully.

Dad lowered his head and smiled. “I got better sermons in this living room.”

Bowden smirked and walked to the porch. He grunted tugging his boots on and left without a word.

I nearly tumbled down the steps.

Dad stood at the door and I stood next to him. Dad waved and Bowden never looked our way.

“He’s really deep in thought isn’t he?” I said.

“He’s deep in something,” Dad said.

(Continued tomorrow.)



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