A Blog About Nothing

Frame of Mind

If you could paint your current mood onto a canvas, what would that painting look like? What would it depict?

When first viewing a Daily Prompt I make an effort to be original and what that sometimes means, more often than not, is something about 3 degrees off center. But sometimes, like this morning, nothing comes to mind. Sure, I thought about a blank canvass, or a famous painting that may depict a certain mood, but I theorize many will do that.

Sometimes a Daily Prompt, no matter how well it is, just doesn’t work.

Sometimes nothing is good. You don’t have to force nothing. Nothing has no expectations. For certain nothing can get you in trouble, but only if someone expects something from you.

When you’re sitting and thinking and somebody says, “What are you thinking about?” And you reply, “nothing.” Why can’t they just leave it alone, but no, they lack such original thought that they say, “You got to be thinking about something.”

I sometimes say, “Just because that is something you’ve never experienced don’t think for a moment others don’t think about nothing. There’s a whole lot of nothing thinkers out there, we just don’t go around bragging about it.”

You see, the way I see it, we nothing thinkers have to come up with something real quick to support the theory that a person is always thinking. For you people who are thinking all the time, JUST LEAVE IT ALONE. We’re not like you. We enjoy nothing. Quit trying to make us like you. Let me tell you something, this world would be better off without so many great ideas. “You better come up with a great idea or your fired!”

So the next time somebody says they are thinking of nothing, leave them be. Forcing them to think of something may have dire consequences.


  1. Well here I am, trying my hardest to think of something nice to say and all I come up with is nothing…(seriously? Just kidding–you had a lot of good stuff to say about nothing at all.)

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