Wanda And The Boss – Part 2

thUR1DIRAO(Continued from yesterday.)

Perkins smiled and said, “The first weekend I had the boat was my vacation. I slipped the boat into the water and opened the engines up heading west to open seas. In time I could not sea land. I rotated the boat and headed back to land. There was a problem. I was only guessing at east. I had no compass. I drifted at sea for two days before being rescued.”

“I didn’t know that,” Wanda said.

“And if I ever hear it I’ll know it came from you,” Perkins feigned seriousness.

“Did you have food and water?” Wanda said.

“A little,” Perkins said. “But not what I’m used to.”

“This is where we connect my feelings with you experience?” Wanda said.

“Only if you want to take it that way,” Perkins said. “I know the two are not alike and what you are going through may be worse than what happened to me, but all I can tell you is that rather than being lost at sea I just thought of it as being a day on the water times two.”

“For being so smart and smug,” Wanda said. “You were really stupid.”

“Am I really smug?” Perkins said.

“Yes,” Wanda said.

“How about smart?” Perkins said.

“Well kinduv,” Wanda said, “but above all you care.”

“Now, young lady,” Perkins said. “If I hear that from somebody else I’ll know where it came from.”

“Thanks,” Wanda said.

“Wanda,” Perkins said. “My wife and I are going to spend a day on the water this weekend. If you would like how about joining us and if you have a friend that will be fine.”

“That sounds nice,” Wanda said. “But…”

“Yes,” Perkins said. “I now have a compass.”

“That’s really the point, isn’t it?” Wanda said. “I need a compass.”

“I suppose,” Perkins said. “You merely picked from my little mishap what could help you most. Let’s head back to the office.”

As they walked from the atrium Perkins said, “Did I fail to tell you about running out of gas…”




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