Adam’s Choice

th399POQ1L“As much as I favor a discussion with you,” Professor Morley said to his learned student, “I find your position short-sighted and lacking an understanding of how the real world works.”

“Sir,” Adam said. “My position is backed by science and scholarship of the highest regard.”

“You and those who you hold in esteem, intellectuals that they be,” Professor Morley said, “have painted themselves into a corner. The have placed there money on the popular pony only to find out it is running dead last into the final stretch.”

“I resent you calling me a mere student,” Adam said. “I am your equal in degrees.”

“Fair enough,” Morley said. “Perhaps it is your age, but likely it has more to do with your lack of curiosity and willingness to be led along. You must explore new ground and question. You have locked yourself into one untenable position It’s ‘mate’ and you stare at your Queen hoping for an earthquake to vibrate her to another square.”

“Your mind is closed, Morley,” Adam said, “so pathetically closed. You are indeed a fool and should be banned from science.”

“Explain or at least demonstrate in some fashion, the eye, the ear, the nose; I’ll not bother you with the brain. Just tell me, please, how it evolved and came to be in this room at this exact time to explain how we got here. And as long as we are on the subject explain the timing within an atom and the complexity and preciseness of it’s movements. Oh, dear Adam, your friends have put you in an unenviable predicament.”

Adam chuckled. “So, Morley, who created the creator?”

“Is that curiosity that speaks or sarcasm?” Morley said.

“You are blind, Morley,” Adam said.

“So you have decided on sarcasm?” Morley said.

“Yes,” Adam said.

“It all starts with a decision, right, Adam?” Morley said. “A series of decisions and they all had to be exact. Just one of them wrong and … blindness.”

Adam skeptically shook his head, sort of an intellectual disappointment.

“That’s okay, lad,” Morley said placing his hand on Adam’s shoulder. “A missing link will come along to give you hope.”



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