If You Don’t Want Judgment Quit Asking For It

Binding Judgment 

Does it ever make sense to judge a book by its cover — literally or metaphorically? Tell us about a time you did, and whether that was a good decision or not.

Well, I’m going to take the unpopular position. This expression is meant to say a good book can not be judged by a bad cover and if that is so the converse is true; you can not tell a bad book for its good cover. The smart publisher matches the two. They put effort into it. They want to attract good readers; a specific type of reader.

A hundred years or so ago about all books had the same cover. Such an expression made sense. Nearly all books have different and descriptive covers now. If there is blood and gore on the outside it is safe to assume that is what will be on the inside. If it contains gratuitous sex and violence on the outside that is obviously meant to attract a particular type of reader.

The expression is often applied to people. I think the same is true. If I see tattoos, bolts, studs, piercings and so on that’s what the person is on the inside. (This applies with those who dress goth, when I see a goth I see depravity.) It is true that some obtain these things out of peer pressure, regret it later, and must live with the results, but if I see all those things going on that person wants to repel and shock me and it works. I don’t buy the idea that it’s body art. Tie a Van Gogh around your neck. And this business about those things don’t tell the person that is on the inside is hogwash also. That’s not to say people can change, but if one is willing to do that to their body it not a stretch to believe they have no problem poking, prodding, and piercing other persons’ bodies for the mere pleasure and thrill.

Yeah, I have friends that have tatts, but when they start to give me the song and dance about them having deeper meanings I mention history is full of people with real conviction and meaning to their lives and found a way of expressing them without a tattoo, a stud, a bolt, or earlobe you can drive a car through; give me a break.

That said, I don’t think Ted Bundy or Adolf Hitler had a tatt, piercing, stud, and so on. Let’s get real, look at how people come out of prison or those who lead a terrible and debouched life; thats how you want to look or is that who you want to be associated with? If you’re a good clean person and get tattooed, pierced and so on you are only confusing the issue. Criminals and lowlifes can say, “Everybody wears them, even good people, you can’t tell a book by it’s cover.”

I want to know who the good guys and who the bad guys are and if you good guys start doing what the bad guys do you got to find a job someplace else, metaphorically speaking, of course.

If you should decide to comment how wonderful your tattoo is you are only trying to justify your poor decision.

None of this means I hate or don’t treat them with dignity and respect. They are the ones sending the message.

By the way, if one have a cross or Jesus tattooed on you it’s all the same.

Anyway, Ben Huberman, you opened the door.


  1. What you say makes sence in the world we live in today. But there is the other side of it also. By delving this strict into judgement and forming it as a prejudice while we offer personal opinion, only opens way to more bad stuff. What I am refering to is that this kind of opinion can lead someone to percieve another as completely harmless just because they look clean, wear red, whatever similar that fits the observers standards of what is proper.
    Books is one thing, but humans are books only metaphoricaly, and I think anyone who dismisses people based on their “covers” is surely winning at something, but also losing at the same time. After all, when I take out my piercings and if I remove my tattoo with a laser and suddenly decide I ain’t gonna wear black anymore cause its not proper in someones eyes, I might still be an asshole for all you know – a murderer, a convict. On the other hand I can also constantly wear pink, have clean hair and still be misserable with my life.
    All in all, saying a cover tells you all about people is a delusion we are too comfortable in believing in.

  2. I felt as if I was burned and scorched here… However it feels like they are all not truely true. Again, the motivation(s) from those people’s and including ourselves must be discussed internally and filtered out for good outcomes. Time will tell … and so those books will be either reprinted or trashed. Time will tell.

  3. I agree to an extent. I think some things offer themselves up to judgement more than others. Piercings say a limited amount about a person, but tattoos? Well they say a lot more. Not just the fact a person has tattoos, but what the tattoos are of. For example, a gang symbol instantly tells you a lot about that individual. Of course it all only applies to things that are a choice. The fact that the individual has made that choice tells you something about them, and then it is up to you whether you judge them on it. Well written and an interesting read 🙂

    • I absolutely agree with you. I’m only sorry I didn’t take more time to explain. I try to do the Daily Prompt in a 30 minute period. I should probably stick to something I can adequately explain in that time.

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