How To Earn Money With WordPress? Just Hit The “Like” Button –

thZ212Y1XPGone With the Windfall

You just inherited $1,000,000 from an aunt you didn’t even know existed. What’s the first thing you buy (or otherwise use the money for)?

This is so easy. I would send every one who hits the “like” button $10,000 until I ran out of money. I suppose if there were a lot of “likes” I might consider $5,000 for each “like” so everyone could share. That’s who I am.

Now that you know that about me and my generous heart don’t you feel at least some guilt for reading my blog and not contributing to such a generous and giving person that I am.  Arrangements can be made to unburden your conscience. You can start with the $10,000 figure and keep in mind if you are particularly blessed their are those less so and can not afford to send much, so sending a little extra for them will make you feel so good. Think of how warm you will feel. (Sigh, I seldom think of myself, only others.)

Here is the link to my short story for the day that will warm your heart, Pudge and Mickey.



Blather away, if you like.

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