Quarterbacks, Quiet, and Quenching At Billy Bronco’s

 (This is fiction. It didn’t really happen. Billy Bronco’s doesn’t exist. It’s a fictional place.)

Quote from the movie, Bronco Billy:

thIWJAW7O8Antoinette Lilly: What are you going to do?

Bronco Billy McCoy: I do the thinking around here.

Antoinette Lilly: I hadn’t noticed.

Now the story:


Louie walked into Billy Bronco’s without a care in the world. “Drinks on me!” he said with a lilt equaled only by his gait and smile.

Nobody bothered to thank him or even acknowledge his presence.

“I guess you guys are still… well, you know,” Louie said, “the Kellen Moore selfie thing. I know it runs deep.”

One person at the bar slid Louie’s beer on the house away.

“You know you guys were right,” Louie said. “There’s things that shouldn’t be mentioned.”

The bar remained quiet.

“Kellen is up to over a half a mil this year,” Louie said. “Probably the most underpaid player in NFL.”

“Quit trying to wheedle your way back into our good graces,” a voice said from a distant part of the bar. Along with it came murmurings of affirmation.

“This is probably one of the best years in recent memory that we’ve had really good depth at quarterback,” Louie said. “Hedrick had a strong year last year. Hedrick to Miller may be the ticket this year. Finley will be nothing but stronger this year. He’s had a year in the system and has talent, great vision, and poise. That Stewart kid put up some decent numbers in junior college. I know it’s a long way from there to here, but he’s got something on the ball. He’s a stout kid; looks like he can take a licking and keep on ticking.”

“Yeah,” someone said, “whatever.”

“We got that Ogle kid from Florida coming our way,” Louie said. “We’re doing pretty good down there. The state has a lot of talent. That kid reminds me of Ben Rothlisberger.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Someone skeptically said.

“Then we got that Rypien kid coming in,” Louie said. “That’s a lot of talent and competition for one spot. That’s what makes good teams; the competition within the team for the same spot.”

The only thing heard was some clearing their throats, maybe even a cricket.

“What kind of kid do you think Harsin was in his quarterbacking days at Boise?” Louie said. “Anybody remember.”

“Nice try,” a voice said muffled by a glass being tipped to their mouth.

Louie took a gulp of his beer and sat it down half full. “Well I’m going to go. Haven’t heard much out of you guys lately and just thought I’d check in and see how things are. See ya later.”

As Louie rose from his stool he called out, “Go Broncos!” (Normally it brings a “Go Broncos!” in return by at least a half dozen.)

All was quiet, so quiet the sound of gulping beer was heard up and down the bar.

One person at the end of the bar said to Louie as he was about to leave, “Thanks for the beer, Louie. You okay?”

“Yeah,” Louie said. “I had a dream the other night.”

“What was it about?”

“Not in here,” Louie said. “Let’s step outside.”

(Continued tomorrow.)




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