Class Reunion – Part 7

But That’s Not All

(Continued from yesterday.)

“Before we go over can I take a minute in the girl’s room?” Mary said to Robert.

“Sure,” Robert said.

“Ya know they go back there to map out a strategy, don‘t you?” Preston said.

“She’s doing me a big favor,” Robert said. “Once they know you’re single…”

“Or just alone,” Preston said. “Some loud mouth guy with man boobs tried to hit on Cindy when she first walked in. Preston spoke without moving his lips. “Here he comes.”

“The chest jiggle?” Robert said.

“That’s him,” Preston said. “He’s coming this way.”

“Don’t think I remember you two,” Stewart said confidently. They all introduced themselves.

“I’m married to Cindy Weinstein,” Preston said.

“Yeah,” Stewart said, “What a babe… I’m mean that with all due respect.”

“I’m with Mary Jones,” Robert said.

“If I’d known she was gonna turn out…” Stewart said, “I’d, I’d…”

“Been nicer to her,” Robert said.

“Yeah,” Stewart said nervously, “I was a real jerk back in those days, but I’ve changed a lot. I’m not gay.”

“I don’t think that’s even come up yet,” Preston said.

“Well in case it does,” Stewart said, “it’s a rumor. Anybody who knows ole Stew can tell you no different. That is accept for Mary and Cindy… I never, you know…”

“Stewart,” Preston said, “we’re all adults here.”

“Sure,” Stewart swallowed hard, “Not like I didn’t want to because I’m a red-blooded…”

“Straight man,” Robert said.

“Oh yeah,” Stewart said, “straight as an arrow.”

“We can see that,” Preston said.

“You can?” Stewart said. “I mean you can.”

“Aren’t you here with someone?” Robert said.

“Conflicting schedules,” Stewart said.

“Yeah,” Preston said. “That can be a real problem.”

“You’re married, aren’t you?” Robert said.

“Twice,” Stewart said, “I could always get ‘em, but I couldn’t keep em. There’s just too much temptation our there. These younger gals look for a guy like me; set in life and stable and it’s like a challenge for them. And it’s not my nature to be a one woman man. It’s inherited. I’m Italian. Frankly all the chicks I know, currently, would feel out of place here. They‘re too young for this crowd, ya know what I mean?”

“I think we do,” Preston said.

“Yeah,” Robert said. “guys like us talk about the good ole days. Those chicks are still in the good ole days.”

“You got that right, pal,” Stewart said. “I dated one of my son’s ex girl friends. Talk about weird.”

“Yeah,” Preston said. “Like dating one of your daughters.”

“Not that kind of weird,” Stewart said. “But ya know what I mean.”

“You like to dance?” Robert said.

“You got to be kidding me,” Stewart said, “Every babe wanted to dance with Stew.”

“My class is across the hallway,” Robert said. “There’s babe over there that is young at heart. Everybody over there is too old for her. Now mind you, she’s our age, but there’s young blood pumping through those veins. I think you‘re right for each other.”

“That’s me, man!” Stewart said, “that’s where I’m at.”

“Look I got some ole buddies at the bar,” Stewart said. “They was kinduv depending on me to hang out with them, but I’m gonna tell them I’m slipping across the hallway to check out the action over there. I’ll be right with you.” Stewart made his way through the crowd toward the bar.

“I think his two buddies will be glad to see him gone,” Preston said. “What have you got in mind?”

“There’s a gal in my class,” Robert said. “Not such a bad gal, but alone and making a fool of herself right now. She just needs somebody and so does Stewart.”

And that’s how Stewart Sarno and Tina O’Conner met and eventually became Mr. and Mrs. Sarno. Robert and Marry stood with them.

As for Robert and Mary; after Stewart’s and Tina’s wedding they never saw each other again. The important thing was, if not for their chance meeting on an elevator Stewart and Tina would have never met.

The End




  1. Strange story, but pretty usual for life in the real world. Thank you for the entertainment! (As for Robert and Mary, they probably remained single the rest of their lives, but she had 2 cats and a little dog so life was very good.)

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