Class Reunion – Part 5

(Continued from yesterday.)

Mary Meets an Old Friend

“Hey, hey, Mary. It’s Cindy Weinstein.”

“Cindy!” Mary said. “Look at you, you’re still blonde.”

“And thin!” Cindy said.

“You sure look better than the two heifers at the door,” Mary said.

“You mean Melissa and Carla,” Cindy said. “They tried to send me across the hallway to another class reunion.”

“So are you up for this?” Mary said.

“Forget them,” Cindy said. “What about you, haven’t seen you sense graduation.”

“Yeah,” Mary said. “We kind of lost contact. I never thought that would happen.”

“Me too,” Cindy said. “You don’t know how many times I thought about getting in touch. What are you doing and where are you living?”

“Well,” Mary said. “Single, human resource manager for a hospital in New York, and I have small home on Long Island. What about you?”

“I married a rancher from Montana,” Cindy said. “Got six kids a 15 hundred head of cattle. I wished we hand less kids and more cattle.”

“A ranch in Montana!” Mary said. “How’d that happen?”

“Well,” Cindy said happily. “Went to college in Chicago, got knocked up by a gorgeous senior whose dad owned a 20 thousand acres in Montana. I’m living the dream.”

“Is you hunk with you?” Mary said.

“He’ll be here in awhile,” Cindy said. “His name is Preston, but they call him Tree. You’ll see what I mean; he’ll be the one in boots and a cowboy hat. He’s 7 foot with his hat and boots.”

Mary laughed.

“No,” Cindy said, “he’s around 6’6” in his socks.”

“You bring the kids,” Mary said.

“Are you kidding me,” Cindy said. “Between the cow shit under their finger nails and competitive farting we thought we might leave them at home with grandpa, after all he’s the influence for their uncouth behavior.”

“Sounds like you have an interesting life,” Mary said.

“That’s an understatement,” Cindy said.

“Boys and girls?” Mary said.

“Three each,” Cindy said and smiled softly. “They’re great kids. I named one of them Mary.”

“I hope she’s not shy like I used to be,” Mary said.

“She!” Cindy said. “That’s one of the boys.”

They laughed and chatted. Until cowboy boots and cowboy hat walked up. He had a smile as wide as a Montana sky.

“I’m Preston,” he said.

“Yeah,” Mary said, “I figured that out.”

“Oh,” Preston said, “the boots and the hat.”

“No,” Mary said, “I smelled the cow shit as soon as you walked in.”

Preston grinned at Mary. “I thought you said nobody here would talk like us. She’s practically family.

Cindy introduced them and they continued to talk.

“Your husband with you?” Preston said.

“I’m not married,” Mary said.

“Ya want me ta cut the herd and find ya something,? Preston said motioning to the crowd. “I’m a good judge of cowhands. Come to think of it they all look soft. Not enough time on the range.”

“You two are so improbable,” Mary said. “Cindy when did you know.”

“When I missed my period,” Cindy said.

“Seriously,” Mary said, “when?”

“I had a good idea when we first talked,” Cindy said. “Like in five minutes.”

“What about you, Preston?” Mary said.

“Well after I stalked her for a week,” Preston smiled. “It was the same five minutes. I hopped on an elevator just to get near her and talk to her. Just to get close to her.”

“Elevator,” Mary said.

“Yeah,” Cindy said, “we first met on an elevator.”

“It’s strange,” Mary said. “I got on the elevator an hour ago. There was this guy who got on it with me. It was kind and sweet and very handsome. We talked on the ride up. We both thought we were going to the same reunion. His was across the hallway. I felt like I knew every thing about him. Did you guys have that connection?”

“If ya want me to,” Preston said. “Just give me a good description and I’ll go over there and bring him back for ya.”

“Mary Jones,” a voice said from behind Mary.

(Continued tomorrow.)




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