Class Reunion – Part 4

Mary’s Class

(Continued from yesterday.)
Mary Jones wore a smile as she stepped into the Seascape Banquet Room. It was a pleasant and amusing encounter.

Next to the door at a card table was Melissa Perkins and Carla Webster.

“Is your husband in our class?” Melissa said.

“Still not the brightest bulb on the tree are you?” Mary said. “I’m Mary Jones.”

“Are you sure you got the right room?” Carla said. “Central is having their reunion across the hallway.”

“Nor were you the sharpest pencil in the box,” Mary said. “And please no more stupid comments, I only have two stupid metaphors to use.”

Carla paged through a binder. “Oh here you are. You haven’t changed, not even your hair style.”

“And dress,” Melissa added and snickered.

“Yeah,” Mary said. “All my cloths still fit me.”

They handed her a name tag. Mary started to pin it on.

“Let me take care of that.”

It was Stewart Kirkendall, the class hunk and now the class chunk.

“You’re getting no where near my breast,” Mary said.

“It’s now or later,” Stewart said.

“Handle your own,” Mary said. “You got enough.”

“You were always a pathetic skank,” Stewart said. “We tried to pay Harold Phillips to go out with you.”

Mary smiled broadly and shoved Stewart playfully in the chest. “I support you 100% Stewart. This is as good of a night as any to come out. Be proud you’re gay.”

Stewart looked around to see who heard what Mary said. At least 10 people turned and stared at him.

“I’m not really…” Stewart stuttered. “Mary was just kidding. We all remember what a great sense of humor she had, right!”

Mary looked at everyone. “Offered him the key to my room; said that ain’t for him anymore.”

Mary walked to the other side of the room. She watched Stewart try to explain things, but many were already congratulating him for his courage.

She stood for awhile and automatically assumed the pose she found herself in many years ago, blending into the surroundings. She almost felt herself shrivel.

Suddenly she felt pathetic just as Stewart said.

She thought about the man she just met, Robert and hoped it was going better for him. She thought that before she withers away why not go across the hallway and find Robert.

(Continued tomorrow.)



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