Class Reunion – Part 1

thUST5DBMCRobert and Mary Meet

It was at the lobby of the Regency Hotel that Robert and Mary got on the elevator at the same time.

“Top floor?” Robert said.

“Yes,” Mary said.

“20 years,” Robert said, “doesn’t seem that long.”

“Just like yesterday,” Mary said.

“You probably don’t remember me,” Robert said, “Robert Smith.”

“I think I do,” Mary said. “I think we had World History in our sophomore year.” She smiled and said. “Mary Jones.”

“Was that your name then?” Robert said.

“Yes,” Mary said. “I never married… and you?”

“Me neither,” Robert said. “We’ll probably be the only single people at our reunion.”

“Who are not divorced,” Mary answered. “Who did you take to the senior prom?”

Robert smiled painfully. “I didn’t go.”

“I’m sorry,” Mary said. “Just trying to make conversation. No body asked me either.”

“If we would have had more classes together I would have asked you,” Robert said.

“That’s sweet,” Mary said.

“If fact, why don’t we walk in together,” Robert said.

“Yeah,” Mary smiled, “we can tell everybody we’ve kept in touch after all these years and we were good friends in school.’

“And we promised each other our senior year that if we were single for our 20th we’d come together,” Robert said.

“By the way you look very handsome,” Mary said.

“And you look very beautiful,” Robert said. “And if somebody wants to rekindle an old romance feel free, after all we really didn’t come together.”

“There were no old romances,” Mary said.

They reached their floor and the doors opened. As they stepped from the elevator Robert held Mary’s hand. She looked at him and smiled kindly.

“You’re sweet,” Mary said.

They walked down the hallway.

“Ah, the Highlands Banquet Room,” Robert said and grasp the door handle.

Mary turned in the opposite direction. “It’s the Seascape Banquet Room.”

“Central High?” Robert said.

“No,” Mary said, “Lincoln.”

“We didn’t even go to the same school,” Robert said and they began laughing.

Mary smiled and hugged Robert. He kissed her on the cheek.

“Have a good class reunion,” Mary said.

“You too,” Robert said.

Mary smiled and looked him over. “You’re going to meet somebody attractive tonight.”

“Thanks,” Robert said shyly, “but I already have and I mean that. Nice meeting you Mary.”

“Same here, Robert,” Mary said.

And they entered respective doors to their class reunions.

(Continued tomorrow.)



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