Saved – Part 1

It was a mountain town whose main street had hardly changed since the days of the gold rush. Heavy flakes of snow the size of quarters fell on the white quilted buildings of Main Street. Merchants scraped the snow from wooden sidewalks into the street.

In an upstairs window overlooking Main Street a solitary man watched the street, Doc Stan Carlson. He really wasn’t a doctor.

In 1965 at the age of 15 a troop of 25 Boy Scouts and 10 local residents were caught in a rock slide a mile from town. Their injured and mangled were brought into town one by one.

Wilbur McClellan was a veterinarian and the closest thing to a doctor the town had. Stan worked the summer with McClellan and assisted him in caring for the injured.
Eight people died that day.

That day made and impression on Stan. He wanted to be a doctor. His young and impressionable mind absorb everything it could about medicine, the human body, and treatment.

Upon graduation from high school he applied for college. It seemed that everywhere he applied he did not have the required courses. At the age of 18 he was drafted. He became a medic.

Eighteen months in Vietnam and two years working an ER at a hospital in LA only made his desire to return home as a doctor more certain.

The summer before entering UCLA he traveled back home and never left.

Margaret Timmons and her husband Randy were heading to the hospital when their car veered from the road. They were both severely injured. Stan attended to all their injuries and delivered 7 pound 8 ounce boy who they named Stanly.

That was it. Stan could not leave.

He opened a small real estate office on Main Street. He sold real estate out the front door and treated patients at his clinic out the back door.

Stan was in trouble with the law, practicing medicine without a license. He saved countless lives and treated injuries and illnesses free. He never prescribed any medicines or harmed a patient. Everyone called him Doc out of respect, but he never called himself a doctor. Yet in order to have number of papers published in medical journals on natural remedies he wrote them under the name of Doctor Stanly Carlson.

The Harvard revue board had referred to his work as scholarship of the highest order.

And now he waits. This will be the day they arrest and take him away.

(Continued tomorrow.)



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