The Scent Of A Woman And Coffee

th0DG6TE62“I notice you are the first here every morning,” the young waitress said to the old man. “What gets you up so early?”

“Coffee,” the old man smiled. “Wonderful, aromatic, nostalgic, pleasing, mellow, relaxing, buoyant, and the rest of the world too.”

“That’s a little over the top,” she said. “Tell me, really, why you are the first here every morning?”

“What if I told you it was your pleasant smile and courteous disposition?” he said.

“I’d say you’re pulling my leg,” she said, “because some mornings I ain’t worth being around.”

“That’s where the good coffee comes in, my lady,” he said. “Good coffee is not only good for the inside, but it makes everything on the outside better too.”

“Well it keeps me awake,” she said.

“Let me tell you something, my lady, coffee doesn’t keep you awake; it wakes you up,” he said. “There is nothing better than to wake up to the smell of coffee.”

She smiled patronizingly and poured a coffee.

“Here’ a bit of advice for you, my lady,” He said. “The first morning after your honeymoon have coffee ready for your husband when he awakens. Train your man early and that way when ever he smelsl coffee he’ll be thinking of the first morning. I do.”

“Why ain’t your wife with you now…” she said and then felt embarrassed. “She’s no longer with you is she?”

“She passed two years ago,” he said. “I live next door to this place and when the coffee starts to brew I think of her and come over for a cup of coffee.”

“I guess it’s not really over the top after all,” she said.



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