The Kindness of Strangers

When was the last time a stranger did something particularly kind, generous, or selfless for you? Tell us what happened!

Year ago, I was perhaps 15, I was standing in line at a local hamburger shop waiting for my order to be taken. I had the hiccups that several visits to the drinking fountain had not extinguished. They were bothersome to me and the others in line.

An older lady stood in front of me and we stood next to the counter. She looked like a retired school teacher, dressed neatly but not stylish.

She turned to me and said. “What happened to the $5 bill that was on the counter?”

“I didn’t see it,” I said.

“You had to have seen it,” she insisted. “It was laying right here.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, “but I didn’t see it.”

Others were starting to look at me as if a thief. Even though I knew nothing of the money I still felt like running.

“There was nobody between me and the five except for you,” she said.

“Ma’am,” I said earnestly, “I had nothing to do with your missing money.”

“Of course you did,” she said indignantly, “and I can prove it. Empty your pockets.”

Eager to prove my innocents I turned my pockets inside out. I pulled open my shirt pocket for her to inspect. I turned around. “Go ahead and check my back pockets.”

“That’s okay,” she smiled devilishly. “You know what else you don’t have?”

“What,” I said.

“The hiccups,” she said.

My short story for the day is about the 2nd amendment. So grab your assault weapons, handguns, and get a trunk full of tin cans. Lets go out in the desert and have some real fun. Here is the link to The Second Amendment Shoot-Out At Billy Bronco’s.



  1. That sure as hell beats getting screamed at in hopes that loud and obnoxiously induced fear will act as the reason behind the removal of the hiccups.


    Awesome post!

  2. I’ll remember that one. Being a teacher without a lot of clothes style who’s getting on a bit. I shall have to try it out – if I can bring myself to. 🙂 Great story.

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