Using A Bible’s Simple Proverb

Baggage Check

We all have complicated histories. When was the last time your past experiences informed a major decision you’ve made?

Don’t assume my history is complicated. Just because people laugh themselves into an insane asylum at the mere mention of my name and the decisions I’ve not made… (kidding).  My experiences inform me of nothing, on the other hand they do form the way I think and react today.

It is said that experience is the the best teacher, when in fact it is not. (or maybe we are just inattentive students) We seldom learn from it. Our process of thinking and problem solving raises its ugly head at nearly every opportunity presented. And we keep sticking our proverbial finger into the proverbial light socket, not giving thought to the fact the electricity is on time after time. Our only hope is that in our ineptitude we forgot to pay the electric bill and they shut us off. Then that gives us free rein to continue to do it from that time onward.

With great effort I have applied the principle at Proverbs 15:3; “An answer when mild turns away rage…” I have found that no matter what the situation if remaining calm I remain in control.  If the situation escalates it’s not because of me. And amazingly it works! Many situations in my life have been resolved amicably rather than regretfully by employing this one simple proverb. There is no reason to treat anyone rudely.

The Bible contains many other wise principles worthy of use.

My short story for the day is another one about John Smith – that guy that everyone wants to be. Here is the link to my very short story If Only To See What John Sees.



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