John Smith Meets The Queen.

th83U5C7C9John Smith Island was not always known as John Smith Island. John Smith has not existed for hundreds of years. The island was known by another name at one time and can be ascertained by finding older maps. Although, many have managed to access archives and change the name to John Smith Island.

It was a playful afternoon on the beach. Many of John’s friends came for a weekend and enjoy his company and the island.

John is careful not to be trivial when speaking. It can have dire and embarrassing outcomes.

Reginald Buckwalter asked John one day on the beach when he was in a playful spirit, “Of all the people who haven’t been to the island who would you like to come visit?”

John smiled. “Why, everyone who is anyone has been here.”

“Come now, John,” Reginald said, “not everyone. And once they got here what would you have them do.”

“Come to think of it,” John said rather foolishly. “The Queen hasn’t been here and I suppose we could enjoy a Turkish bath together.”

Maxwell Caruthers, a distant relative of the Queen, heard this frivolous musing. It was brought to the Queens attention. Embarrassed that she never met John Smith nor been to his island she made arrangement immediately.

A week later John and the Queen were wrapped in white towels sitting in a steaming Turkish bath talking geraniums, foreign policy, and telling off-color jokes.

“Are you comfortable your highness?” John asked.

“Only if you are,” the Queen said.

“I have never been uncomfortable,” John said.

“Isn’t it rather uncomfortable for you to be with the Queen in a Turkish bath with nothing but towels to keep covered?” The Queen said.

“Only if your towel should drop your highness,” John said. “I pride myself in being the man who has seen it all. That will have to be altered.”



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