If Not A One, Than A Zero

th[3]This is the story of John Smith; a common and uncommon man. He lives on an island. The Island bares his name. He is the wise, the renaissance, the constant, the legend, the myth, the man; he is the island.

When asked why he hasn’t acquired and accomplished more he states, “I choose not to extend beyond my present limits. That will merely take from another endeavor.”

At the age of 22 while serving as a professor at Princeton he toured the Library of Congress in Washington, D. C.

One student ask, “Is it possible to know everything in this library.”

John smiled. “Why not?”

“How could it be accomplished?” the student said.

“Compress everything in the library to the size of a postage stamp,” John said. “Take out all the redundancy and all the wasted space.”

“How can that be done?” the student said.

“I don’t have the year it would take me,” John said. “But everything is made from mathematics. Everything is a series of ones and if not it isn’t, than it is a zero Things are alive or dead. Things exist or don’t exist.”





  1. I actually find a lot of truth in this, related to quantum theory and mechanics. Very interesting, did you write this yourself or find it somewhere?

      • It really does make sense to some scientific theories, the ones I subscribe to at least! I figured you wrote it, all of your short stories sound really well written, but I saw the comments referencing the character, I wasn’t sure if they were referring to the original author or something at first. People like to do translations in some posts, but I really enjoy your writing, it is so short, sweet, and true!

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