Good Stuff

Pick Me Up

What is the one word or phrase that immediately cheers you up when you hear it?

There are many words and phrases that are tossed around. They are used so often they become meaningless. I recall someone complimenting me by saying “brilliant,” believe me, that phrase is  mentioned only in the same sentence with my name with a tone of sarcasm. Yet the person said it sincerely. Later as I came to that person I found he used the word all the time.

It’s not so much the word or phrase to me, it is the body language and the sincerity in which it is said. When someone takes the time to look you in the eye, smile approvingly. or paused before, during, or after a complementary word or phrase I know it’s special and sincere. Thus, that is what I try to practice.

The common word “good” is special to me. I know it has become so used that perhaps it has fallen into that category of words having lost its true meaning. When I give somebody the compliment, “You did good,” or “That’s good stuff,” my body language is sincere and sure.

My short story for the day is about a man no one has to compliment, it’s like telling Renoir your drawings aren’t so bad. He’s just full of himself, but in a way that brings harm to no one.  It’s about John Smith, If Not a One, Than a Zero.



Blather away, if you like.

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