The Brilliant Norman Sebastian

“And here is the most brilliant writer and creative mind of our generation,” the master of ceremonies said. “His books and screen plays are brilliant. We no longer will be saying a person has the Midas touch, but we will be saying the Sebastian touch. And now, here he is, Norman Sebastian!”

The applause was enthusiastic. Everyone from the world of literature, the arts, and the movie industry were there.

Sebastian moved to the lectern. He smiled smugly. He pointed at someone, “Give me an article.”


He pointed at another. “Give me an adjective.”


He pointed to another. “A noun.”


“The Green Bone,” Sebastian said and smiled confidently. “The Green Bone by Norman Sebastian. The pale yellow bone turned green.”

Everyone stood and applauded.

The master of ceremonies rushed to the microphone nearly in tears. “Brilliant! I can see producers and publishers are already lining up. Didn‘t I tell you this man was brilliant.”




Blather away, if you like.

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