Montezuma’s revenge and the Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

Do you love hot and spicy foods or do you avoid them for fear of what tomorrow might bring?

It was a bitter and burning lesson. I tried showing my Mexican friend I was as macho as he.

We ate dinner together.  He sprinkled salt on a plate, he dabbed a jalapeño in the salt, and took a bite of it with each bite of food.

“Das de way we do eet in Meckico,” he said.

Eager to show my multicultural diversity, tolerance, and machismo I did the same. “Bien,” I said.

He rolled his eyes. “You mus be careful,” he cautioned. “Eef you no use to it you know for sure what Montezuma’s revenge really ees.”

Approximately six hours later I was cursing Montezuma and the horse he road in on. Spending the greater part of an evening on the throne leaves a red ring – that’s my ring of fire.

Here is a the link to my short story for the day, Sex and Dirty Words Before Publishing, Please.



  1. I saw your post on the “Daily Prompts” page and it drew me in…I will now have to watch my Mexican food intake…

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