Pride and Joy: Relationships

Pride and Joy

What’s your most prized possession? GO!

Admittedly I don’t take the prompts serious. I have fun with them. Fun has its limits and never would I want to give a false impression for the sake of being funny. This is, to me, a serious subject.

My most prized possessions are relationships with people. I really like them. That’s why I aspire to be one someday.

First there is my wife. If that doesn’t exist life is somehow a little less full. There are times I look at here and see the girl I dated as a teen ager. Her hopes, he dreams, her vulnerabilities, her fears. She makes me smile and feel not so alone. She knows my thoughts, my feelings, and who I am (and loves me still).  Then comes my children. I really like them. Of course I love them, but they are really likable. (This includes grandchildren, sons-in-law, and daughter-in-law, it’s a package deal.) They are easy and enjoyable to talk with. My mother, who is now 100 and at present not doing well. But we talk daily and it means much to both of us. I have friends far and near. One I call perhaps once a week and others less often, but that in no way indicates any less attachment and regard for them. Most importantly is my relationship with my Creator. Without his direction, examples, and teachings none of the above would even be remotely possible.

Here is a link to my daily short story, The Kellen Moore Selfie at Billy Bronco’s.



  1. I’m so glad I found your blog again!! This post makes me miss you and your lovely family so much! Isn’t it awful how life can get so complicated and busy and people that can mean so much to us kind of slip away …. Kiss your wife & kids for me! We’ll see you in paradise! Christy F

    • Thank you Christy that is so incredibly sweet of you. You and you family have always been close to our hearts. We love you all so much. If not Paradise maybe Lima?

      • Maybe Lima …. I don’t get back home as often as I would like to. But perhaps all the planets will line up just right and we’ll find eachother visiting at the same time ! 😉 I actually live closer to your daughter-in-law’s parents than my own right now … it’s funny how life happens sometimes.

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