The Daily Prompt and The Short Story – The Lonely Dream Maker

He’s (She’s) So Fine

What was it that drew you to your significant other? Their blue eyes? Their ginger countenance? Their smile? Their voice?

Let me start out by saying, the smile. Yep, that smile got me and still gets me today. Even to this day I say at least once a day, “I love your smile.”

Attraction and why men and women marry is sort of easy. It is physical and later emotional and intellectual. How ofter have amateur matchmakers and casual observers said, “they look so cute together.” The match is physical at first; not bookends, but things that go together well.

How often do you see a couple divorce and remarry a person that closely resembles the divorced spouse? This is not 100% full-proof, but it’s more than coincidence. And size matters; The divorced woman will find a 5’10” 175 pound guy again, the guy will find another 5’4″ 135 pound gal.

Well that’s all I have to say about human relationships. Here is my short story for the day.

The Lonely Dream Makerth6IM6K33S 

Eldon’s job at the restaurant was done an hour after it closed. From 11:00 PM until 6:00 AM he walked the streets of downtown Des Moines, Iowa. When the weather was cold he could be seen some of the night nursing coffees at an all-night diner. For the most part he walked the streets.

At first it was a random meandering, but soon it was predictable. You could almost set a watch as to where he would be at a given time.

People wondered and talked about why Eldon did what he did, but no one questioned him.

To all the people that worked at night; the policemen, the firemen, night watchmen, cab drivers, trash collectors, night janitors, and even the street people – he was a comfort, a constant that let them know all was well and all was normal.

On one of those cold nights where the wind and snow whipped through the empty streets like a ghost of death Eldon stopped for a coffee and piece of apple pie at a diner.

Eldon sat alone at the counter.

Rollie, the night cook came from behind the counter, sat next to Eldon, and finally ask the question, “Why do you do it, Eldon?”

“Do what?” Eldon said.

“Walk the street till morning,” Rollie said.

“While some people are catching sleep, I’m catching dreams,” Eldon said. “I’m sort of keeping watch on the city.”

“We got policemen and firemen that do that,” Rollie said.

“I know,” Eldon said. “They make sure bad things don’t happen. I make sure of all the good dreams.”

“What!” Rollie said.

“I think and dream good things,” Eldon said. “I make up dreams and release them into the night.”

Rollie smiled uncomfortably and moved away.

“Rollie,” Eldon said. “You see why dream making is a lonely job?”




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