Mismatched (Part 4)

Mismatched (Part 4)

(Continued from yesterday.)


“It’s finally caught up with me,” Gretchen said. “Little by little I knew this day would come. I used to think it would be a phone call, a letter, or unexpected knock on the door. I wanted to manage it before it got to you.”

“Jefferson and I have become good friends,” Braxton said.

Gretchen turned and exposed her red tear soaked eyes to Braxton. “How long have you known?”

“From the first day we met,” Braxton said. “But we did not know we were twins until a couple of days ago.”

“I’m actually relieved,” Gretchen said smiling.

“I’ll ask again,” Braxton said. “Would you like to meet him?”

“Are you sure he wants to meet me?” Gretchen said.

“I’m very sure,” Braxton said.

“When can we do so?” Gretchen said. “The sooner the better. I don’t want time to think about this too long.”

“I’ll call him now,” Braxton said. “He lives 45 minutes from here.”

“Does he have family?” Gretchen said.

“Wife and two children,” Braxton said.

“Ask him to bring them,” Gretchen said.

Braxton used his cell phone to call Jefferson. “Jeff… Braxton… Mom wants to see you.”

“When?” Jefferson said.

“Now,” Braxton said.

“Sure,” Jefferson said.

“You have the address?” Braxton said.

“Yes, give me an hour,” Jefferson said.

“One more thing,” Braxton said.

“What’s that?” Jefferson said.

“Bring Tonya and the kids,” Braxton said.

Jefferson paused. “Sure, I think they would like to meet her.”

Braxton and Gretchen spent some anxious moments filled with nervous chatter, doubt, and trepidation.

“Do you think I am doing the right thing?” Gretchen said.

“Yes,” Braxton said. “It is something you will never regret. He has a wonderful family. I think both of you have much to gain.”

“What happened, mom?” Braxton said. “Why did you keep me and give away Jefferson?”

“It is a terrible story,” Gretchen said. “I went through it once, I’ve lived it everyday of my life, and I will tell it only once. You will have to wait until he arrives.”

“How old are his children?” Gretchen said.

“17 and 15,” Braxton said.

“Are they good children?” Gretchen said.

“Yes,” Braxton said. “They will make you proud.”

“That is something I don’t deserve,” Gretchen said. “It should be earned.”

“Mom,” Braxton said. “Is there anyone else you want here with you?”

“Ask your family, please,” Gretchen said. “But only if you think it would be appropriate and only if they want to come.”

“They can be here in five minutes,” Braxton said.

Gretchen smiled and nodded.

Braxton called home and told his family to come.

Braxton’s family and Jefferson’s family pulled up to the curb at the same time. There was nervous anticipation and friendly greetings as they walked up the sidewalk to the house. Braxton held the door and greeted everyone as they entered. Everyone sat, but there was not enough seating. Braxton grabbed a couple of chairs from the kitchen.

(Continued tomorrow.)




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