The Match (Part 10) A Torn Photo

Daily Prompt: Fight the Power

Tell us about a time when you fought authority and took a stand against “the man.” Did you win?

The details of such a time are too long and quite boring, but it had to do with the government inspection of a property. The inspector refused to grant an approval. I cornered him and he was forced to admit he just did not like me. Than I shoved the regulation book under his nose showing him he was wrong. I then told him to approve it or we would meet at his supervisor’s office, which we did.  The supervisor agreed with his inspector. I grabbed my regulation book and went to the office of my congressman. Within five minutes I was back on the road to the supervisor’s office where his secretary stood in the parking lot with all the required approvals.

It’s nice to have a conservative congressman in an area controlled by liberal bureaucrats.

Here is the 10th episode of the short story The Match. Readers keep saying it gets better with each episode.

The Match (Part 10)

(Continued from yesterday.)

A Torn Photo

Rusty stayed with Lucinda. He submitted to tests to see if he was a match for Lucinda’s transplant.

Rusty worked at the restaurant with Sam. Three days passed and Rusty received a call at the restaurant from the hospital in Billings.

“Was that he hospital?” Sam said as Rusty walked back into the kitchen.

“Can we have the girls keep an eye on the place while we meet with Mom?” Rusty said.

They got in the car and drove to Lucinda’s.

“You’re not going to tell me are you?” Sam said.

“No,” Rusty said. “Mom’s going to be the next to know.”

“You said you had a plan B,” Sam said. “Contacting another relative.”

“We’ll discuss that with Mom,” Rusty said.

As soon as they walked in Lucinda’s house Rusty went into his bedroom. He pulled a small envelope from a suit case. Inside was the torn picture from the safety deposit box; the one of Lucinda that was taken nearly 40 years ago. He returned to the living room.

Sam stood looking out the front window. Lucinda stood nervously at the doorway to the kitchen.

Rusty handed Lucinda the torn picture that he found in the safety deposit box; the one of her only.

“Do you know this photo?” Rusty said.

Lucinda smiled. She opened a drawer in a desk. She pulled out a Bible and opened it. She held the other jagged half of the photo.

Rusty moved close to Lucinda. They held the jagged photo halves together. Lucinda’s half was of Sam Senior and between them was little Rusty.

“They match don’t they?” Rusty said.

“Yes they do,” Lucinda smiled.

“The call from the hospital…” Rusty said. “We’re a match also.”

(Continued tomorrow.)




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