Texting Or Talking?


Daily Prompt: I Walk the Line

Have you got a code you live by? What are the principles or set of values you actively apply in your life?

It was Groucho Marx who said, “I got principles and if you don’t like them I got others.”

I don’t think you have to tell others what your principles are. I don’t think you pull out your principles at every opportunity and beat people over the head with them.

Have you ever heard or noted that in a discussion about something important or where a person’s integrity is called into question they say words to the effect, “That’s not who I am.” It is as if to say “I” am above what ever is being discussed. Of course a crook will say stealing is beneath him that’s all apart of the disguise. Of course liars will swear to the truth, that’s who they are. Words are deceptive. Principles are carried out by action and there is evidence of it.

That said and I’ll say no more, here is my short story for the day:

 Texting Or Talking?

Jake got a text from Bart. “Meet @ 6.”

Jake called Bart. “Hey, Bart, I can’t meet you at 6 it will have to be at 5.”

“Why didn’t you just text me back?” Bart said.

“I figured we could settle it by just talking,” Jake said.

“Texting saves time,” Bart said. “It’s the new thing. It’s how business is done now days don’t you know.”

“I can talk faster than hunt and peck,” Jake said.

“This is the new millennium, Pal,” Bart said. “You got to get into texting and the social media.”

“I don’t get it,” Jake said. “There’s nothing social about it; you text me, I text you. What’s social. I don’t see you are hear your voice.”

“It just saves time,” Bart said.

“It takes me too long to type,” Jake said. “I was last in my class in thumb wrestling and I got big thumbs. I always hit two keys.”

“Everybody does it,” Bart said.

“I’m a bad speller,” Jake said.

“Nobody spells,” Bart said. “Learn to abbreviate.”

“That seems like a lot to go through just to say, “’meet me at 6,’” Jake said.

“It’s quick and easy,” Bart said.

“Maybe it’s just me, Bart,” Jake said. “But I think this whole thing could have been over with a 15 second conversation.”



  1. Even I was never good with thumb wrestling and typing takes time. If I have to write I would rather scribble on paper than type on a notepad or mobile.

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