Daily Prompt and “Quack” (a beautiful short story)

Daily Prompt: Sixteen Tons

How do you feel about your job? Do you spring out of bed, looking forward to work? Or, is your job a soul-destroying monotony of pure drudgery, or somewhere in between?

Some idiot said find what you like to do and make a living at it and it will never be a job. Well kiss it buddy! I worked in a auto parts factory for 30 years. I didn’t like it, but I had to find a way to like it. For 28 of my 30 years I didn’t mind going to work, but now that I’m retired and can say I truly hated my job.

Now I’m retired. I should have retired when I was 25.

We all can’t live in a weather beaten house off the rugged coast of Maine writing the great American novel or stand before a majestic mountain with canvass and brushes, somebody has to make the world tick.

That’s my two-cents worth. (Did you notice the bitterness?) Anyway here’s a lovely story about love and ducks:


It was a walk along the river. A walk that Cat dreaded. A warm day. A cool breeze off the water. Ducks paddling against the current. A leaf or so parachuting to thethJBZI91NE water and floating away.

“Rivers are great metaphors for life,” Cat said seriously.

“How so?” Nile said bending down to pick up a stone and skipped it across the water.

“They run their course,” Cat said. “And empty into the sea and it’s as if the river never existed.”

“That sounds rather depressing,” Nile forced a smile.

“The same is with relationships,” Cat said trying to be matter of fact. “They run their course and eventually we never knew they existed.”

“I don’t think so,” Nile said turning to Cat surprised at her logic and tone.

“I think our river has ran its course,” Cat said staring away from Nile and at the river.

“I thought it was going so well,” Nile said.

“All good things must come to an end,” Cat said.

“Why?” Nile said.

“Because it just does,” Cat smiled.

“I don’t think it does,” Nile said. “I think expectations change. Most of the things we read or hear aren‘t true. People really don‘t grow apart. It is a purposeful endeavor. It‘s not that they want to grow apart they stop doing things that make them grow together.”

“What makes you the expert?” Cat fluttered her eyes.

“Do you want an expert?” Nile gestured by tossing his arm in the air. “Who of us is?”

“This whole thing seems like déjà vu to me,” Cat said. “It’s like it has all happened before and I’m being swept along with the current. We have no say so.”

“Let’s just ignore all we’ve heard about karma, fate, déjà vu, premonitions, and what ever. I don’t believe in those things. If those things exist we don’t have any control over our future at all. That‘s a bleak existence. Look at those ducks; they will be there tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that. They fight the current.”

Cat looked into Nile’s eyes. “This is all new. It’s an adventure that I’m willing to take and there is no turning back.”

“What made you change your mind?” Nile said.

“Love is strong,” Cat said. “And I don’t hear any hint of weakness in your voice or in you eyes.”

Nile looked at Cat and smiled. “Quack.”



  1. Relationships are like a deck of cards. In the beginning there are two hears and a diamond, and years later in the relationship you feel at times that you want a club and a spade.

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