The Daily Prompt & Being First


Daily Prompt: Young At Heart

What are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?

What difference does it really make what my thoughts are? They will not help or hinder anyone. Everyone is young at heart. Growing old is the most unnatural process known to man. If it were natural we would procreate and die, but many go on and accomplish great things in their old age. Old age and death are enemies. Embrace neither.

Here is a story about a guy who still was a kid at heart. I hope you enjoy.

Being First

Wade had a way of turning life into nothing more than a colossal arena for competition. If even using the urinal at the same time he’d say, “Got done before you did.”

He was the first out the door, the first to get in his car, and the first to leave the parking lot.

It wasn’t enough for him to be first. “Hey,” Kip,” Wade said. “Did you notice I was first out the parking lot again? How many days in a row is that? It’s got to be a record.”

“I’m sure it is,” Kip said. “I’ll call the Guinness people in the morning. We’ll get you in the record books. For goodness sakes don‘t be second today and disappoint us all.”

“You just don’t get it, do you, Kip,” Wade said. “Life is competition, survival of the fittest. You sharpen your skills on the small things and when the big things come along all those slackers who don’t think anything is worth being first in, are eating my dust. I’m miles ahead. Now do you get it? I like to keep the adrenaline flowing. I’ve always been that way. I was always first in line at recess and the drinking fountain in school. I was the first guy in my class to ask a girl to the prom. I graduated from college before anybody in my class. I’m a winner through and though. Management knows it. I’ll be first to be a vice-president in this corporation before 35. And you know why? I’m a competitor!”

“Here’s something you’ll never be first in,” Kip said. “Keeping your mouth shut.”

“Sour grapes, dude,” Wade smirked. “Nothing but sour grapes.”

“Here’s something else,” Kip said. “You married that girl you took to prom, right?”

“Sure did,” Wade said.

“Well you should have been the second guy to ask a girl out,” Kip said. “Because the one you got… turned out to be a real dog.”



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