Eddie And Flipper, Reverse Revolution


Daily Prompt: That’s Amore

Think of your longest relationship: describe how your love has changed over time, did you go from the giddiness of infatuation, to mad passion, to deep respect, esteem, and friendship? Tell us about your love story.

Passion changes over the years.  Just as we look for love in our youth we look for a cause.

Here is a story of two college students looking for a cause.

Eddie And Flipper, Reverse Revolution

Eddie and Flipper stood stoic in front of the student union bearing signs that read, “Raise Tuition Now!” and “More Tuition No Imposition.” Students gathered and becoming quite restless.

“Protesting is the purist form of patriotism,” Eddie said.

“Did you just make that up?” Flipper said.

“No,” Eddie said. “Some great revolutionary said that. It’s time honored. It’s a banner under which I’m not afraid to give my life.”

“I think we should move on and take our signs with us,” Flipper said. “The crowd appears to be getting agitated and hostile.”

“That can be expected when you challenge people’s beliefs,” Eddie said. “It makes them uncomfortable. That’s the only way reform happens. You start a discussion.”

“But I can’t remember exactly what discussion we’re starting,” Flipper said.

“We want to raise tuition,” Eddie said.

“But don’t we want them lower?” Flipper said. “It’s a very unpopular message with students.“

“Yes,” Eddie said. “But this is the way you start the discussion. Once the discussion is started it can go either way.”

“But nobody else seems to think so. Everybody sure looks mad,” Flipper said. “Some of those people cursing at us are from our dorm.”

“Let’s start moving towards the administration building now,” Eddie said.

As they walked the crowd became larger.

“Look, Flipper,” Eddie said. “We have a following. Can you feel the energy from the crowd?”

“No,” Flipper said walking much faster. “It’s more like the body heat from an angry mob.”

“That’s how revolutions start,” Eddie said.

“And martyrs made,” Flipper said.

(Posted as a Daily Prompt.)



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