Revenge of the Duck

animals-ugly-duckling1[1]“Don’t you ever think that maybe we’ve lived before?” Benny said. “You know, reincarnation.”

“No,” Harry said.

“How do you explain deja vu?” Benny said smugly.

“Time travel,” Harry said confidently. “For an instant you go forward and come back.”

“That can’t happen,” Benny said.

“Deja vu happens all the time,” Harry said.

“No,” Benny said. “I meant time travel.”

“People think it’s reincarnation when it’s really time travel,” Harry said.

“What about people who remember things in the past as a duck?” Benny said.

“You were once a duck?” Harry said.

“Yeah,” Benny said. “But don’t tell anybody.”

Suddenly Harry stared blankly. He blinked his eyes and his head twitched peculiarly several times. After a moment he smiled pleasantly at Benny.

“What was that all about?” Benny said. “Are you okay?”

“Time travel,” Harry said.

“Time travel?” Benny said.

“Yes,” Harry said. “Time travel.”

“Where did you go?” Benny said.

“Into the future,” Harry said.

“How far?” Benny said.

“Far enough,” Harry said.

“Far enough for what?” Benny said.

Harry snickered. “Far enough to tell everybody you believe you were once a duck.”

“Oh no!” Benny said. “When can I expect people too start laughing at me?”

“You got about a year,” Harry said.

“How could you do this? Benny said.

“Do you remember when you were a duck?” Benny said.

“Yes,” Harry said.

“Do you remember one day you were with a bunch of little ducks and you were quacking at another little duck?” Harry said.

“Well, I vaguely remember something like that,” Benny said. “My duck memory is foggy.”

“Well that little duck that you and all your friends were quacking at was me!” Harry said. “Every time you hear a little kid quack, run, and hide you’ll know why and you’ll curse the day you were reincarnated.”

(Posted as a Daily Prompt.)




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