Bad Widgets, Crummy Hot Dogs

thWGEOHL69“These hot dog buns are stale,” Cal said. “And you call this a Coney Dog? It’s a hotdog with watered-down canned chili on it.”

“Why do you come here?” Dutch said.

“It’s all that’s left,” Cal said. “All the good places have closed.”

“Times are changing,” Dutch said.

“Health care, housing, unemployment… crummy hot dogs things are just getting out of hand,” Cal said. “The government ought to step in and do something.”

“I hear ya, pal,” Dutch said. “But I think they’ve done enough already.”

“How ya figure?” Cal said.

“Try to build a house, farm a field, start to manufacture something, assemble widgets, or start a hotdog stand,” Dutch said. “It’s regulated beyond belief. The government does plenty as it is; go find out.”

“Regulations protect the consumer,” Cal said.

“The consumer protects the consumer,” Dutch said. “If I make a bad hotdog or widget nobody buys it. If I meet all government regulations my crummy hot dogs and faulty widgets will eventually fail, but there’s always help; the government will step and do something – subsidize my failure.”

“And that’s how we get bad widgets crummy hotdogs?” Cal said.

“That’s pretty much it,” Dutch said.

Cal mumbled as he stuffed a bite into his mouth, “Government ought to stick with just hot dogs.”

(Posted as a Daily Prompt.)




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