A Nice Environment (short fiction)

thV1F8TOODRuss walked from the grocery; more appropriately, hiked. It seemed like near the length of a football field. The monotony of his trek was broken by dodging cars backing out of parking spaces and finding refuge between parked cars as other cars swarmed for open spaces like buzzards on a dead dog.

He saw a twenty-something guy with piercings and tattoos park in a seniors only parking spot who brought his grandmother along for no other reason than to park in the seniors only parking spot. It was likewise with a lady in her mid thirties who just finished a work-out at the gym and brought he crippled elderly aunt with her so she could park close the store entrance.

When Russ finally made it to his car he kicked a plastic bottle that was blocking his route to his trunk.

“Hey,” said a woman from a parked blue Volvo plastered with bumper stickers reading everything from “Save the Planet to “Obama Forever.”

“Yes,” Russ said

“Pick up plastic bottles and deposit them properly,” she said.

Russ ignored her.

She squeezed out of her car like toothpaste from a tube and walked over the Russ who was now placing his groceries in the trunk of his car.

“You even have paper bags,” she said. “Save a bag save a tree. You should use cloth, they’re reusable. Have respect for the planet.”

Russ smiled. “I don’t think my paper bags or not picking up that plastic bottle is going to save the earth.”

“You got to think in terms of you personal carbon footprint,” she said. “How big do you think it is?”

“Not nearly as big as the space of your taking up in your car seat,” Russ said.

“No need to get snippy with me. It’s the duty of us all. It all starts with individual efforts by each of us. Stop treating the earth like you’re a pig,” she said. “How do you think this world will ever be a better place to live in?”

“I don’t know,” Russ said. “Maybe start by treating others nice.”

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    • Thanks so much for reading and replying. My point is that we not only should care for the environment, but a better world starts with just treating others nicely. When we love our neighbors as ourselves such things as plastic bottles and graffiti will be a thing of the past or rare.

  1. Hi, thank you, that’s a good little piece, you see it happening in most car parks here in U.K., nobody keen on picking up their own rubbish any more. So sad, they have no respect for selves or anything else.

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