Ah, The Lonely People

th32FKCAI4(Continued from Yesterday)

For the next month, indeed, the words of Pastor Miller rolled around in Jimmy’s head as he said they would.

One day while placing the mail on Miss Cavander’s desk she asked, “Did you go out to visit Pastor Miller?”

“Yes,” Jimmy said.

“I thought so,” Miss Cavander said. “You’ve been acting a bit strange as of late. What did you discuss?

“He shared with me many of his memories about the church,” Jimmy said. “He was the only pastor for 26 years; he did it all. He said he allowed the weasels to slip in and they forced him out.  And we talked about a eulogy.”

“Did he tell you to go to hell?” Miss Cavander said.

“No,” Jimmy said and smiled.

“Than he must like you,” Miss Cavander said.

“Yes, I’m sure he does,” Jimmy said. “He suggested a very short eulogy and I’m going to give it as he wished. But a proper funeral should have music. You know him well what do you think he’d like?”

“Pastor Miller and I were in our thirties when The Beatles became popular,” Miss Cavander said. “We often listened to them and as soon as we saw a car pull-up in the parking lot we turned them off. We didn‘t want anyone thinking we were hippies or something. Pastor Miller was a good man, he wasn‘t a prude.”

“A Beatles selection, Miss Cavander?” Jimmy said. “Something from them that would describe who he was?”

“Now you’re thinking,” Miss Cavander said.

“What would you suggest, Miss Cavander?” Jimmy said.

“When that day comes,” Miss Cavander said. “You give the eulogy and I’ll play a song. It will be a surprise.”

“Fair enough, Miss Cavander,” Jimmy said. “I suspect it will be my last eulogy.”

“I suspect so,” Miss Cavander said. “The only mention Pastor Miller made of you is that you were special and that someday you’ll find an honest living.”

Three weeks later Pastor Miller died. His funeral was scheduled at small funeral home in town. The church deacons did not want to spend the extra money it would take to heat the auditorium and the church’s heated swimming pool was costing them a fortune as it was. All the auxiliary rooms were in use; drug rehab, Marriage Counseling, Divorced Couples Prayer Meeting, day-care, Cooking for Jesus classes, Christian Businessmen’s Roundtable, and Gays for Reform and Reconciliation.

There was only one person present at the funeral as Jimmy stepped to the lectern, Miss Cavander. He smiled at her and she smiled in return.

Jimmy cleared his throat. “It was all for nothing.” He nodded at Miss Cavander she stood and walked to the back of the room. She selected a track on a CD. Jimmy and Miss Cavander sat reverentially and listened.

After the song Jimmy asked Miss Cavander, “Can I take you to lunch?”

“Certainly,” Miss Cavander said.

“To make this a very pleasant lunch I’m handing you an envelope,” Jimmy said.

“What’s in it?” Miss Cavander said.

“My resignation,” Jimmy said.

“I’ll drop it off when I clean out my things,” Miss Cavander said. “I have resigned also.”

“Curious,” Jimmy said.

“What do you plan on doing?” Miss Cavander said.

“Don’t know,” Jimmy said. “What was it Pastor Miller wanted to be besides a pastor. In all the time you worked together he must have said something.”

“Strange you should ask,” Miss Cavander said. “When he got frustrated he always said he should have been a farmer and I’d always say you never farmed a day in your life and he’d say you’re right. Now that I think about it I crushed the man’s real ambition. Have you ever thought about farming, Jimmy?”

“No,” Jimmy said. “Why did he want to be a farmer?”

“Over the years Pastor Miller must have buried hundreds of farmers,” Miss Cavandar said. “They never die alone. Every farmer struggles and works alone all his life. Other farmers know that. When they here an old farmer died they come.”

“Hmmm,” Jimmy said.

“What was the name of the song you played?” Jimmy said. “It was interesting.”

Eleanor Rigby,” Miss Cavander said.

“Yes,” Jimmy said. “It’s a lonely song.”

“He was a lonely man,” Miss Cavander said.

“So am I Miss Cavander,” Jimmy said. “So am I.”

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  1. I enjoyed that very much. The funny thing is that when you mentioned the Beatles Song to be played, I somehow knew it would be Eleanor Rigby. Was it telepathy? it just really suited the story and made a lovely finale.

    • There were no surprises intended. I really wanted the reader to hear the song before announced.
      It’d nice to have a surprise ending, but it’s nice to have the reader say, “I knew it all along.”
      Thanks for reading and commenting. Always appreciated.

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