The Jittery Goat Has Changed A Bit

"Let's see, the pickles were here the last time. Crud, the store changed again. What's this, Raman Noodles? I've heard of them. I think I'll give them a try.
“Let’s see, the pickles were here the last time. Crud, the store changed again. What’s this, Raman Noodles? I’ve heard of them. I think I’ll give them a try.

Believe me, I’m not pretending nor implying the change will alter your life in the least and if it does; you need a life.

Change is not only a good thing it is a necessary thing.

I recall a grocer telling me that every three of four months he rearranged products in his store. Not put the soap where the canned fruit used to be, but just change where they are on the shelves or aisle. He didn’t mind people looking for things or asking where they are now. He said while people are looking for what they normally buy and have to look elsewhere they find new things or more things to buy.

I will be taking a new approach to prompts that allow for the greatest variety of approaches.

Well… I accepted the 365 Daily Prompt as my year challenge for 2014. The prompts are already available and given a date whereas the Daily Prompts don’t arrive by email until 6:00 AM MST.

In fact, my goal is to use the 365 Daily Prompt to create 365 short stories. I’m certain that with some prompts I’ll come up blank. And I’m not going to worry too much if a day or so goes by without a short story idea.

Those of you in the short story business know how that goes; good ideas can parade around naked in front of you and there’s hardly a notice.

My goal is to make the prompts creative rather than just my opinion of this or that or the other thing, Opinion will be divulged in the dialogue of characters, but by making them a dialogue it becomes less dogmatic and pompous. I’d rather my characters be dogmatic and pompous than me.

It is most likely my following will diminish. Many don’t like short stories and I understand. But there is a certain intrigue attached to them for the savvy and imaginative reader; there are several layers to be explored, the writer, the characters in the dialogue, and how it is interpreted by the reader.

It is all open to interpretation. Short stories allow the reader to become more engaged; to fill in the gaps.

I hope they are enjoyed, but if it’s not what you enjoy still drop by and snoop around, no salesman will bother you.



Blather away, if you like.

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