On July 30th I’ll Be Drawing A Blank

On July 30th that will be writing prompt 211 of the 365 Daily Prompt:  

“July 30
Drawing a blank
When was the last time you walked away from a discussion,
only to think of The Perfect Comeback hours later?
Recreate the scene for us, and use your winning line.”  

I’ll be working on that, but in the mean time here is my current one.

Brody Talks To The Mirror (short fiction)

Sixteen year old Brody was about to go out for the night. Before climbing into his jacket and making a dash to his car he wanted to take one last look in the mirror. The hair had to be just right.

Brody looked into the mirror that hung above the bathroom sink. He saw and old man smiling and looking back at him.

“Brody,” the image said. “Everything is going to work out just fine. You gave me some problems along the way, but we worked them out. Those problems really made you a pretty good guy.”

“Who are you?” Brody asked with an uncomfortable grin.

“Look hard, Brody,” the image in the mirror said. “I’m you fifty years from now.”

“You don’t look so bad,” Brody said.

“Well thank you,” the image in the mirror said. “You have some obstacles along the way before you make it to look like me. You don‘t look so bad yourself.”

“What were they?” Brody said.

“Ah, now, Brody,” the image in the mirror said. “That would really be unfair of me. It would ruin the element of surprise. It should be just enough to know you made it.”

“Than why are you even talking to me?” Brody said. “If everything is going to turn out okay?”

“I just like to check in on you now and then,” the image in the mirror said. “Tonight may be the night you do something I’m not even aware of. Just remember, always do the right and prudent thing.”

“Will I see you again?” Brody said.

“Sure,” the image in the mirror said. “But just remember you didn’t make it this far by being stupid. I want to see you look in this mirror 50 years from now and smile the way you are right now.”

“How’s that?” Brody said.

“Life is an adventure full of wonderment and a whole lot of uncertainty,” the image in the mirror said. “Just pick your friends wisely.”

“Like tonight?” Brody said.

“Yes, Brody,” the image in the mirror said. “This might be the night you choose a wiser course.”

“I kinda knew that,” Brody said. “I’m glad you dropped by to tell me.”

“Don’t mention it,” the image in the mirror said. “That’s what I’m here for.”

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