Go East, Boise State, Go East… To Recruit

Welcome to the Blue, Dylan Sumner-Gardner, from Texas.

Welcome to the Blue, Dylan Sumner-Gardner, from Texas.

Boise State has been very successful in recruiting outside the Northwest and into California. I think all Californians have a secret desire to live in Boise. You can’t sling a dead cat through town without hitting a Californian. Or it might be that dead cats are attracted to Californians (just kidding).

Also they are very good at recruiting from the wealth of rich high school talent in Texas. A recruit from Texas can come here and nobody’s going to think he’s strange for wearing cowboy boots, cowboy hat, and belt buckle with more metal than a Honda Civic.

Than there are the recruits that come from the other western states. Mom and Dad feel comfortable in sending little Billy to Boise. After all they don’t want to send Billy back East where he’ll come home saying “ya’ll,” “pak da ca,” or “how ’bout a sodie pop?” No, at Boise nobody’s going to change his Western ways and attitude.

In recent years Boise has played a number of Ohio schools; Bowling Green, Toledo, Miami, nearby Michigan State and upcoming Cincinnati. Playing those schools and winning or at least playing exciting and competitive football should serve to send a message to recruits in Ohio that Boise might be a good place to go.

Currently nobody from Ohio appears on Boise’s roster.

Ohio is a good state to recruit. Logically the bulk of players on the Ohio State roster are from Ohio. There are enough players on the Michigan and Michigan State roster to field another all Ohio Big Ten team. Notre Dame has around 15 Ohio players. Between Wisconsin, Northwestern, Illinois another Big Ten school could be fielded with all Ohio players. Take the Ohio recruits on three Indiana teams, Indiana, Purdue, and the aforementioned Notre Dame and there is another team. This is not to mention the 15 or so Ohioans on the 10-2 Ball State of Muncie, Indiana.

Cincinnati and Louisville have had a great deal of success in recent years. Where do their recruits come from? Well, nearby Ohio is pretty well harvested. They go to Florida.

Boise has had some moderate success in Florida, but they must make inroads into the breeding grounds of the entire SEC, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and so on.

Boise needs kids that use language like slobber knocker, the guy is big and strong enough to eat hay and crap in the street, tougher than a Waffle House steak, and runnin’ like a preacher from strip bar. They have places kids are overlooked and want nothing more than to be a part of a program that comes back home and opens up a can of whoop *ss on the school that passed them by in front Momma, Daddy, Uncle Bubba, and Cousin Billy Bob and Daisy Mae who turned him down for the senior prom for Lance Butterfield who went to the Crimson Tide and blew out his knee the first week of practice and got addicted to oxycodone and is now suspended from college and doing time at Holman.

Boise has been able to come up with some nuggets missed by other schools in the West. They are able to recruit with some success players that the PAC give only a nod.

Tennessee Suesue, welcome to the Blue. He can block. He is a great recruit. Boise needs blockers and tacklers.

Tennessee Suesue, welcome to the Blue. He can block. He is a great recruit. Boise needs blockers and tacklers.

Boise State must make those games back East pay off with recruits.

If the fortunes of Boise State are to extend into a national championship program they must have a national recruiting presence. If Boise is going to remain the premier team in the Mountain West they have to recruit outside the box.

Why would a top recruit want to come to Boise? It is likely he will be able to play and start sooner. If he wants to play on Sunday’s Boise has proven it is a good training ground. He will receive a lot of playing time which will prepare him for the next level. It is a less distractive environment. Not that a kid can’t get in trouble or become distracted in Boise, but it’s less likely than Los Angles, Miami, Columbus, or … Seattle.

Boise State just landed its highest rated commitment ever, Dylan Sumner-Gardner. He’s from Mesquite, Texas. He’s a d-back and, boy, do we need them. This is big. It shows Boise State is open for business and dealing.



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5 responses to “Go East, Boise State, Go East… To Recruit

  1. I agree. It will be interesting what states will be targeted now that Peterson has moved on.

  2. No70

    Had we gone to the big east (AAC) we would have had 2 yrs of marketing and recruiting ‘back east’ and, 2 shots at a big game as an AQ school. I’m sure the MW would have welcomed us back next year.

  3. No70

    They may have lost a head coach, too.

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