World’s Most Famous Quote

thC9Z4MMA2Likely, we quote ourselves more frequently than we quote anyone else. You know what I mean, we say, “No what I said was…” (supposed to be funny and clever.)

I say “huh” a lot. I use it over and over. I’m quoting that person who first said “huh”. Even when I hear something perfectly. I just like the quote. I don’t know who first said it, but it’s attributed to many. But, it was definitely a man who first said it.

“Adam, there was this snake in the garden and told me to go ahead and eat this really beautiful fruit, is it okay?”


Most generally we quote to delay a rapid response and give us time to think. What better word than, “huh?”

It’s perfect. It’s short and to the point leaving the other person repeating themselves or rephrasing the statement or question.

You are doing the other person a favor by saying, “huh.” It gives them time to think about how stupid their question sounds.

It’s the perfect quote. It works in every situation and you can use it anywhere without attribution until now… cause I’m claiming it.

So if somebody says something you don’t understand please say. “In the words of Kenton Lewis, ’”Huh.’”

(A 365 Daily Post: Quote me – Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?)

(This is also submitted as a Daily Prompt.)

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  1. Would you consider “say whaaaaaat?” to be any sort of infringement on your quote? I can’t afford any legal battles at this time. I’m saving up for a new sword.

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