We Need Dumb Teachers To Get Smart Kids

Personally I think you can learn a lot from dodge ball; like put down your stupid x-box, get off your lazy butt, and move around.
Personally I think you can learn a lot from dodge ball; like put down your stupid x-box, get off your lazy butt, and move around.

Daily Prompt: The New School

You get to redesign school as we know it from the ground up. Will you do away with reading, writing, and arithmetic? What skills and knowledge will your school focus on imparting to young minds?

Sports teaches us that the best athletes make the worst coaches. There are exceptions, but generally the assumption is nearly a rule.

Billy Martin, an average baseball player but great coach and manager, invited the great Mickey Mantle to spring training. Mantle by far was one of the most gifted athletes in baseball history. Martin ordered Mantle, “Look, don’t try to teach them anything, because you’ll screw them up. You know how to play, but don’t know what it’s like to teach or work on something.”

That said if starting a school from the ground up I’d tell all the smart people (all those in the upper crust scholastically) to find a job in the private sector where you can get fired for not performing.

I would want people to teach who understand the learning process; what it means to study and work and how to motivate people to do it.

Reading is more than knowing what letters form a word and what words form sentences. Reading is being able to understand thoughts in abstract and conveyed into practical use, values, and knowledge.

Writing is not simply knowing what letter form words and what words form sentences. Writing is the ability to take a practical idea, value, event, or task and arrange it in a logical sequence of words for others to understand.

Arithmetic is just not combining numbers but teaches the value, relationship, and differences in things. It gives a numerical value to things and gives a picture of how they compare with others. It teaches how to reason and think logically and deductively.

From those three things you can go to a store, purchase an item, go home, and assemble it, before some can have a store’s location typed into their GPS.

No, I’m not anti technology. I just think brains need to be stimulated by something other than video games.

I think baseball is the best game for hand/eye coordination and not dumb thumb games.

I think there’s something to be said about having a soccer ball smashed against the side of your face in a spirited game of dodge ball. It tells let’s you know there’s something to work on.

I don’t like coed sports. When tackling someone I want the drive them into the ground. When being tackled I want to feel it. If I have aggressiveness and meanness in me I don’t want to take it out on a girl. The only thing that should be coed is dancing. By the way that’s something you can teach in school. Done properly, you can learn how to hold a girl respectfully and the beauty of gracefully moving together. It’s a life lesson not a primal mating ritual.

I’d change one thing drastically, if a kid is a total screw-up in school, don’t send him to the school psychologists; send the parents. And send the bill to the parents.

Yeah, I know, who am I? How could I compare with all those Harvard, Princeton, and Yale educators. That’s basically from where all our ideas about education come.

I going to tell you what has happened. Take school lunches. When I was a kid and you went through the cafeteria line and got cornbread smothered in ham and beans, an apple, a tossed salad a slice of sheet cake, and a carton of milk. All the sudden it was determined at Harvard, Princeton, and Yale that students need choices. So it was Cheetos, corn chips, or potato chips, a strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, or cinnamon and brown sugar Pop Tarts, Coke, Pepsi, or Dr. Pepper, Pizza or hamburger, French fries or tater tots, green beans or Gummy Bears.

And educationally what is being offered is the intellectual equivalent, by teachers whose only skill is how to open a bag of chips and crack a can. (Before you have a hissy fit there are many fine teachers who can rip open a bag of chips with their teeth and use a can opener if the tab breaks.)

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  1. What would you do if the parents failed to pay the bill?
    What if the kid has weird food allergies (like peanut allergies)?

    The educator that can rip open a big of chips with her teeth and use a can opener if the tab breaks.

    • Question 1. Community service at the school.
      Question 2. Make sure the chips were not fried in peanut oil.
      Don’t take this so seriously. I know you guys are on the front line. I wouldn’t want to be their. I’m trying to bring levity to a problem that is less created by teachers and created more by educators. I’m sure you are aware of the difference.
      I have the greatest regard for all my teachers and those of my children.

  2. I think it’s a fair take on the problem. My solution starts with qualifying teachers to get rid of bad ones and then teaching a classical education like the type that helped make our country great.

  3. I agree on the school lunch point, yes. And bringing your lunch. I agree that choice is overrated — and in this country, I believe, freedom of choice means 31 flavors of ice cream, 10 flavors of chips, 40 brands of green tea, nothing more important than that. And I agree about school psychologists — but some of them really can help, especially in high school and junior college where suddenly kids are involved in social problems (abusive boyfriends, crack head parents) that are over their head and affecting their performance. I think your point about people who are good at things making bad teachers is an overgeneralization. Plenty of people are experts because they worked at it, deliberately striving to improve and those people make great teachers. Most important, though, in a teacher, is maintaining a view of the big picture; this kid needs to learn so he or she can function in the world with other people and derive pleasure from life.

    • Nicely put. Overgeneralization, of course!
      I don’t want to be in charge. It’s just an opinion and I don’t want my opinion to ever be adopted.
      I refuse to be serious unless there is a forum for such. WordPress Daily Prompt is not the forum.

  4. Schooling definitely needs an overhaul. I think there needs to be more focus on life skills such as budgeting, how to have healthy relationships, household management etc. Not everyone has the ware withal to figure these things out alone. They need to be taught the skills.

    I disagree about the no co-ed sport thing though. Fine, boys and girls both being on an America Football team might not be the greatest idea, but there is no reason girls and boys can’t play tennis, volleyball, baseball, dodgeball, cricket, soccer, swimming, track sports, rowing, etc together. Boys don’t only need to be taught how to respectfully hold a woman, they need to be taught how to respect a woman as an equal at all pursuits. Especially sports that aren’t currently thought of as ‘girl sports’. And also, girls can tackle and be tackled too. Perhaps not with the same amount of force, but the constant fear of hurting us relegates us to the sidelines to watch while all the boys get to test out their physical strength. Girls need to build their physical strength just as much as boys and in the same ways too. Our muscles and body composition is exactly the same and needs to be treated as such.

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