Onondaga, Michigan: The Jittery Goat Travel Log – Places I’ve Been

Onondaga, Michigan
Onondaga, Michigan

While a resident of south/central Michigan the TV station I most watched was WLIX Channel 10, Lansing/Jackson/Onondaga. What! Onondaga, where’s that?

Well, it’s between Lansing and Jackson and the location WLIX’s TV tower. So I suppose to be assured of police protection and to keep high school students from draping toilet paper from the tower, WLIX agreed to name Onondaga as one of its broadcast locations.

What can be said about Onondaga?

Well, it has a really tall TV transmitting tower that seems out of place.

Likely it is one of those places that people go to be alone. I’ve heard more lonely hearts stories emanate from the bar in Onondaga than from any honky-tonk in Nashville. I’m surprised someone hasn’t written a love-lost country song from Onondaga by now.

It’s one of those out of the way places where out of the way people go to be out of the way. It’s where bikers go to be alone

It’s sort of a town that time has forgotten, but bikers will remember.

An Onondaga Conversation

I stopped at the gas station in Onondaga one day. I went inside and got a coffee. A biker pulled up next to my car while I was inside. He was a big guy, tattoos, scars, and beard. He nodded at me in a friendly way.

I thought a little conversation with my coffee would be good.

“Sure are a lot of bikers who pass through here,” I said.

“You got a problem with that?” he said.

“I’m just trying to make conversation,” I said.

“Starting a conversation is saying ‘sure is a nice day,’” he said.

“Okay,” I said. “Sure is a nice day.”

“You got a problem with that?” He said.

So if you ever go to Onondaga, Michigan start your conversation by saying, “I don’t have any problems and I don’t want any, but you guys sure have a nice TV tower just west of town. Is that why so many bikers hang-out here?”


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