Boise State Ends Season On Low Note; ESPN’s Levy, Holtz, and May

To most people this is Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, but to Lou Holtz it looks like Kabul Beach in Afghanistan.

To most people this is Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, but to Lou Holtz it looks like Kabul Beach in Afghanistan.

Let’s just stick a fork in it and call it a season – finally.

Boise State’s 38-23 loss to Oregon State was not as bad as the score indicates.

Two scores by Oregon were from fumbles picked up and ran in for TDs. If those two scores did not happen and Boise would have at least scored a field goal on one of those possessions Wal-Mart and Winco would be selling out of pineapples in Boise.

But that’s the way the game is played; unusual things happen and fortunes change on those unexpected and freak things.

Grant Hedrick played a super game. He was 32 for 44 and 382 yards.

At times the o-line give him little protection and other times he had all day.

Matt Miller caught 11 passes for 208 yards, one of which went for an 85 yard TD. Kirby Moore finished his playing days as a Bronco with 7 catches for 74 yards.

The Broncos certainly missed Shane Williams-Rhodes. Perhaps one of the most exciting players in the MWC.

The Boise d-backs had a great game. Sean Mannion would not be a topic of the pro draft if he had to face those guys week after week. Boise picked off one pass and nearly a few others. Their open field tackling was superb. I can’t remember the Boise back’s name, but on one play he fought through a hold and leveled a receiver before he could secure the ball. Although they were much maligned this year they ended the season with an outstanding game. The high-powered Oregon State passing game managed only 259 yards.

And Now The Creme Dela Creme of the Season

As if it was not bad enough to lose, ESPN sent their crack broadcasting team of Steve Levy, Lou Holtz, and Mark May to do the game.

Just as I thought ESPN could not find an announcer worse than the manly sounding Beth Mowins they pull three jackasses out of the studio to do the Hawaii Bowl. Makes me long for the days of Joe Nameth and Reggie Rucker arguably the worst announcers of all time.

Several times Levy was completely unintelligible. It was like he picked up a script left over from the last event and started speed reading; leaving out articles and chopping off adverbs. I don’t think he had any idea what he was saying let alone Holtz and May.

Mark May only says something if Levy and Holtz take a breath at the same time. And nothing new comes out of his mouth. He’s preprogrammed. “This is going to be a shot-out.” “Both of these teams were in the thick of things this year.” “What you’re seeing here now are two great teams next year.” “They are controlling the line of scrimmage.” “You just can’t put that guy down with arm tackles.” “They need to come back out in the second half and establish the line of scrimmage and stick to their game plan.”

I saved the best for last, Lou Holtz. In the first quarter he said the Boise State defense wasn’t good this year and within a minute said they were. He mentioned the cliffs of Hawaii next to the Pacific Ocean reminded him of Afghanistan. Makes you wonder where he really was. Holtz kept on saying Or-ee-gone.

All three of them said the beauty of the game was no fumbles. My goodness, two were ran back for touchdowns!

And it was great that ESPN linked a phone interview with next year’s Boise coach, Bryan Harsin. The call dropped and started again. Then they interviewed Harsin during one of the most dramatic plays of the entire game. Shear genius.

This has got to be a Will Ferrell movie someday.



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6 responses to “Boise State Ends Season On Low Note; ESPN’s Levy, Holtz, and May

  1. I thought Dis-May was better than usual in regard to making comment on Boise State. As for Lou Holtz, what can I say? He is probably of the mindset that he gets paid to talk. If one sentence doesn’t jive with what he said before, he can laugh all the way to the bank. Despite everything, I felt their commentary was better than I had expected. Maybe my expectations were low. :O)

    • They were. Those guys were pathetic and I really don’t want to be cruel about it, but they are supposed to be professionals.

      • I think professionals is a broad term. My best guess is people find Lou entertaining. The combo with Dis-May is interesting; however, not so much for Boise fans. I agree they are flapping their lips and making no sense a lot of the time. They are not the only ones to do this announcing a Boise State game, but you are correct. They are highly touted professionals. Nonetheless, I do believe it was better than many times when Boise State comes from their parted lips. Dis-May likes Boise more now that they are not listed in the top 25. That is reserved for his favorites I think.

      • My son sent a picture of the crowd or lack there of from the Hawaii Bowl. The harsh reality is that they were trying to make a purse from a pig’s ear.
        Yet, May and Holtz have never given Boise there due. Holtz thinks there are only three or four living coaches better than him and none of them are named Chris Petersen. And outside of the college programs he was associated with no others exist, Yet I’ve heard the man speak before and he is inspiring in that setting.

  2. Pablo Francesca

    I find Lou Holz hilarious and couldn’t care less about the professionalism of the announcers.
    Btw, when Holz made the no fumbles comment, he was referring to Oregon State’s offense. At first, I was also confused when he said it, but he was in the middle of praising Oregon State, Mannion in particular.

    Will Ferrell is not the the love child of Mia Farrow.

    • Thanks for the Ferrell thing.
      The fact it confused you, me, the guys in the both, and likely all of America emphasizes he really messed up and likely had too many pinacolada before game time. I’ve heard Holtz speak before and find him interesting and engaging. He and his cohorts were ill prepared if at all. Granted they were trying to make meaningless game meaningful, but you don’t start making stuff up.

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