What I Think Of Tattoos

Above all, tattoos should be honest.
Above all, tattoos should be honest.

Daily Prompt: Tattoo….You?

Do you have a tattoo? If so, what’s the story behind your ink? If you don’t have a tattoo, what might you consider getting emblazoned on you skin?

This post will offend many, of that I’m certain. Tattoos are stupid. I have not seen one that made me feel as if the person who has it is better for it.

They are an indication something is lacking in their own self-image that they must cover it with something. It could be the same with outlandish hair styling, clothing, or immodest behavior.

Years ago only drunken sailors or soldiers obtained them. They were evidence of a once debauched life. After leaving debauchery the person sought ways to hide them.

Why are they called ‘tramp stamps?’ They seem now to be mainstream. Many try to legitimize them by saying, look at all the stars that have them like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.’ I always say, “Thank you, you made my point.”

Yeah, I know they have now been upgraded from tattooing to body art and have elevated sleazy tattooers to body artist. I’ve never seen a good tattoo. Anything put on the skin looks better on paper or canvas. The things I see as tattoos are most often seen on moving boxcars, bus stop benches, or the side of warehouses. And people want that low-life excuse for art someplace on their body?

Certainly if you have a tattoo it doesn’t mean I view you as a deranged reprobate, you just had a lapse in judgment and now spending needless time trying to cover it up or justifying it.

They are to the body what vulgar language is to speech.

I always thought a good tattoo would be to label and section yourself like a side of beef. Another one would be a dotted line around the throat that read, “Cut along dotted line.”

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo here is some advice; 1. Sober up. 2. Find new friends. 3. Shop in a better part of town. 4. Appreciate how much better you look without one.

I may have written this before, but it needs repeating.

A friend who owned a business who employed about 50 people stood in line at a 7/11. Behind him was a mountain of man covered with tattoos.

“Hey, don’t I know you?” the man said to my friend.

“You don’t look familiar?” my friend said.

“You interviewed me for a job at your place,” the man said.

“I interview a lot of people,” my friend said. “You may have been one of them.”

“Why didn’t you hire me?” the man said.

“I don’t recall at the moment,” my friend said. “But I probably had a good reason.”

“Was it because of my tattoos?” the man said.

“That could be,” my friend said.

“Why?” the man said.

“In my line of work my employees go into homes of little old ladies who live alone,” my friend said. “And frankly your tattoos are scary.”

“They don’t tell the person I am on the inside,” the man said.

My friend smiled kindly. “Oh yes, they do.”

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  1. I have a tattoo. I don’t consider it stupid and I was not drunk when I had it done. It was a beautiful photo I found on the internet that I transformed into a beautiful tattoo on my back left shoulder. I was in my 40’s when I had it done and I don’t regret it for a minute. I realize you have a strong dislike of tattoos and I respect your opinion. They are not for everyone. But please don’t categorize a person with tattoos as someone less than the same human being that you are or liken it to swearing. I’m a loving, happy person with a good job who has a great social network and a strong faith. No, my tattoo did not change who I am in any way, but that wasn’t the point in my case. I don’t love all tattoos, especially those that are profane or hateful, but I understand why it’s done and why it has become mainstream. Tattoos are part of the human culture…freedom of choice and expression…the same as seven crazy football fans who stand shirtless in a football stadium with the letters P-A-C-K-E-R-S painted on their chests when the temp is 10 degrees. Now THAT is stupid!

  2. Very interesting prompt. Although I strongly disagree with just about everything you said, you definitely raised some valid points. Btw my tattoo is a gorgeous sparrow and latin writing which means “she who flys with her own wings”. Tattoos tell a story. Some bad, some good but it’s not fair to assume tattoos = stupidity. Just because its not on paper or canvas doesn’t mean it’s not art.

  3. I don’t agree, but I respect that you have your own opinion, and fundament it. I’m not offended either. But I do believe you are creating stereotypes, and those are dangerous.
    Not all tattoos are bad, not all tattooers are sleazy. Far from that. The ones I know come from an art background, they did their studies on it, and then decided to apply that art to skin instead of canvases.
    There are some terrible accidents with tattoos that aren’t worth the name, but there are beautiful intricate tattoos that do tell a story, and most definitely have a meaning.
    So, for me, each case is a case.

  4. I realize where this thought comes from.. Initially not only just drunk sailors but people from the Russian Mafia or Yakuza were the ones who got the tattoos. Hence the stereotype has developed about tattooed people being scary/not fit for workplaces that require meeting clients and so on..

    To each their own.. Many people in a drunken stupor get a tattoo that they regret for long.. Some people get asian characters which they cannot read themselves. Others have tattoo that mean something to them

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