The Christians Thought I Was A Heathen, But Jesus Thought I Was A Hoot

Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion

Tell us about a time when you felt out of place.

I was likely five years old when this happened. I stayed the weekend with my cousin and we went to Sunday school together. To begin with I felt like a pair of brown shoes and white socks with a tuxedo. I had never been to Sunday school.

There was little clue in my mind what Sunday school was all about. My aunt told me it was where I can learn about Jesus.

My cousin seemed to know the ropes so I made my mind up early to do whatever he did. I was hoping he had a good relationship with Jesus.

The teacher called the roll. Everyone said either “here” or “present.” I knew what “here” was, but “present” had me stymied. I wasn’t sure what was meant. I thought they were saying “present” as in a gift and I didn’t bring anything. I had nothing to give. Why didn’t my cousin tell me to bring something?

My cousin said “present.” Smart-aleck, he would have to pick the one I wasn‘t sure of.

When the teacher called my name I swallowed hard. “Is it okay if I bring something next week.”

The class snickered like I was an idiot. The teacher looked at me as if purposely introducing a false doctrine (laughter) into her class. I sat there like a criminal in stocks. My cousin scooted away from me. My first experience at Sunday school and shunned, must be a record. I must by a wretched soul.

We concluded by singing Jesus Loves Me. I didn’t know the words, but I was sure he was laughing and slapping his knee.

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  1. Oh, I felt for you. I’ve been there too. I can remember as a small child sitting in Sunday school and crying because I wanted my mommy (or my sisters who were across the hallway). That’s my only memory of Sunday school– well that and coloring some. Sad, huh?

  2. It made me laugh too. I can understand you. I had similar experiences in school because I didn’t know the language. Lots of misunderstandings like this one you describe here.

  3. Oh man, I once dated a Catholic girl and so I had to go through a couple of mass ceremonies on different holidays, and I can only sympathise with your plight as I felt exactly the same way. If it wasn’t the chanting in Latin, it was the procession, the communion, the recession, et al. If I had been raised in that faith I’m sure I would have had a handle on it but I pretty much wanted to be skiing the whole time, and I have no idea how to ski.

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